‘Full Frontal’ Offers History Lesson To Megyn Kelly & Sam Bee Explains Fox News’ White Power

Even if we give Megyn Kelly the benefit of the doubt as to whether she’s lately boned up sufficiently to answer her own lame question about what’s so wrong with blackface, TBS’ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee correspondent Ashley Nicole Black offers a perfect little study guide.

Black, who earned a masters degree in performance studies at Northwestern University, says she actually wrote her thesis on minstrelsy, and calls the archaic blackface “one of the earliest American theatrical forms.”

Watch the clip above.

“Those characters stuck around through vaudeville and radio and then became the basis for some of the first sitcoms,” Black says. “So our nation’s entire comedy esthetic was built on stereotypes made up by white people and the idea that it was funny to blow up black people.

“But forget it,” she continues in her address to Kelly. “I wouldn’t want centuries of harm to ruin your Halloween, Becky.” Black then notes, without naming names, that two popular African American Today hosts – Tamron Hall and Al Roker – were replaced “so that the Santa’s white lady could sh*t the bed about Halloween.”

Also on last night’s Full Frontal, Bee took a quick swipe at the Fox News Channel’s latest chyron gaffe, which rendered the white powder found in the pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats over the last few days as “white power.”

“Autocorrect doesn’t change ‘white powder’ to ‘white power’ unless you type ‘white power’ a lot,” Bee offered.

Watch that segment here:

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