'Floribama Shore' Star Candace Rice Unpacks That Wild Finale Brawl and Warns Logan Will Be Back

The reality star breaks down what you didn’t see on TV and guarantees Kortni’s ex isn’t done yet: “Everybody needs to pray for him because he got issues.”

Candace Rice says she jumped right into the fight between Logan and her roommates, because if they are going to go to jail, she’s not going to let it be over Kortni’s ex.

During Monday night’s midseason finale of "Floribama Shore," Logan, who always appears out of nowhere, was throwing insults into Jeremiah’s face at the bar. This caused the rest of the guys — Gus, Codi, and Kirk — to get involved.

Candace and Kortni walked in on the scene right at the moment that the brawl was getting started. The timing was so perfect it seemed that it was all set up for the show, but as Candace explained, it was not planned at all.

"It’s so crazy… we walked outside right when the fight was happening," Candace told TooFab in an interview. "We walk in, in the middle when it was happening, like, no lie. We couldn’t have walked in at like the better and the worst time.

"So we get there, Kortni immediately throws her drink on [Logan] and I jump into the middle because I don’t want it to be a thing because my thing is like I ain’t trying to get kicked out of no more bars…I ain’t trying to get kicked out of nowhere else."

"It was ridiculous… I don’t want us to have to get kicked out the bar and somebody get arrested over Logan," she continued. "I just feel like there’s just so many more other people out there that I feel like we could all go to jail for, but I don’t want that person to be Logan."

Throughout the season, Kortni’s ex popped up unexpectedly multiple times, once even while Kortni was taking a pregnancy test during a scare. When asked if we’ve finally seen the last of Logan, Candace explained that things are just going to get worse when the show returns for new episodes in November.

"I promise you, Logan is never gone," Candace said. "He literally come back like the electric bill every month, he is never gone. That poor boy got problems…everybody needs to pray for him because he got issues."

"Logan is kinda like acne," she added. "It’ll get a lot worse before it gets better."


Candace teased that viewers should expect some "bomb trips," in the second half of the season, but there will be "trouble in paradise." She also pointed out that it isn’t over between her and Codi.

"You’ll kind of get to see where everything goes with me and Codi," she said. "The Codi-Candace thing is not entirely at rest, so a lot of that will come back up."

The reality star added that Nilsa and Gus’ friends with benefits situation is going to get "heated" and Kortni’s situation with Logan "blows up."

We will have to see what’s to come when Season 2 of "Floribama Shore" returns November 29.

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