'Flipping Out' Finally Airs Blowout Fight Between Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos and People Are Taking Sides

The long-time friends and sparring partners revealed they had parted ways earlier this year over a particular incident that they just couldn’t get past.

As anticipated, Bravo’s "Flipping Out" saved the epic fight that severed the friendship between Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos for the season finale, and it … kind of delivered?

It was enough to the get show trending on Twitter as fans took sides in this ongoing feud, even if they didn’t get the blowup they were hoping for.

Honestly, we’re still trying to figure out what exactly was the catalyst that would destroy such a long friendship and successful working relationship. It just felt like this was more of the same between the two of them, but apparently it was the last straw.

Since the events of this episode, which culminated with Jeff letting Jenni go from Jeff Lewis Design, Lewis has claimed that Jenni filed a complaint about workplace abuse and even claims Jenni wasn’t actually employed by JLD but was rather only pretending to for the show.

Jenni insists she never filed the claim and all of his allegations are false. Since then, it’s been a lot of he-said/she-said, and if fans were hoping this finale would clear things up, they’ll be sorely disappointed.

As already teased in various promos and interviews, the whole feud stemmed from Jenni claiming that working for Jeff had stifled her acting career. Jeff did not take that news too well and did what Jeff Lewis does … he flipped out. They didn’t name the show that for nothing.

But then Jenni appears to have been caught in a lie when she said she had to turn down an offered part in a project with Nicolas Cage. It looks like she just said that to try and prove her point, but there was no offer. At best, she had a callback. Lying to try and prove your case only weakens it, Jen. Sorry!

And so after giving her a week off, they came together and seemed to be reconciling when he simply declared that he couldn’t work with people who weren’t committed to the same vision he was. Jenni was making it more clear her dreams were in acting and not the future of JDL. And so he let her go.

Is that the whole story? Of course it isn’t, but it’s about all that we got to work with. And so, Twitter does what it does and quickly took sides.

Many were on Team Jeff, as he had always said he would accommodate her schedule to fit in auditions and never overtly said he wanted to sabotage her career (though he did make plenty of denigrating digs toward her). Others were on Team Jeff as Jenni’s acting aspirations have nothing to do with JDL and working for him has elevated her profile through the show already.

Check out some of the most pointed responses from either side, followed by everyone wondering — along with us — why Lea Black was finding the whole thing so damned funny!




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