Flack Starring Anna Paquin Drops on Amazon Prime Next Week — Watch the Season 1 Trailer


Flack, a British dramedy starring Anna Paquin, is coming to Amazon Prime next week. 

Season 1 of the popular series will be available on the streaming service Friday, Jan. 22 — and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the trailer. 

Paquin plays Robyn, a publicist (a.k.a. a flack) working in London, England. She must juggle her job — helping others resolve their most complex problems — while dealing with her own self-sabotage in her personal life. 

"It's equal parts drama and comedy, reflecting the brutal reality and complexities of our current and hyper-connected life, where anything can go viral in an instant. With PR serving as the perfect backdrop to explore these challenges, Flack centers on Robyn and her four quick-witted and relentless flackers who must figure out how to make the best of bad situations and somehow manage to come out unscathed," the show's description reads. 

The first season of Flack premiered in the U.K. in February 2019, with the second following in April 2020. After season 1 drops on Amazon Prime next week, season 2 will be premiering on the streaming service some time later in 2021. 

In the season 1 trailer, Robyn's boss, Caroline (Sophie Okonedo), establishes the office's high-stress, no-nonsense environment. 

"The world keeps turning, we just help push," she says, as clips of Robyn doing her job — including doing CPR, clubbing and orchestrating sex tapes  — play. 

"I don't care if you lie or send innocent people to jail as long as you're in control," Caroline continues. "We are the guardians of the galaxy."  

"What do you know about us?" Robyn later asks a new colleague. 

"You've got offices in London, L.A. and New York, you cover everything from media training to brand management and specializing in crisis management," the colleague replies, to which Robyn corrects her. 

"We don't use the word 'crisis,'" she says. "We call them challenges."

Season 1 of Flack premieres Friday, Jan. 22 on Amazon Prime. 

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