Five reasons why Gremlins is a Christmas Film

Here's five reasons why it will forever be a festive favourite…

It takes place at Christmas

Gremlins starts off with Randall Peltzer venturing into Chinatown to find a Christmas gift for his son Billy.

He ends up with Gizmo, the super-cute Mogwai which reinforces the message that a pet is for life – not just for Christmas.

As more Mogwai spawn and the film descends into chaos we're given constant reminders of the season.

These include Gizmo playing the keyboard with a santa hat on and the evil Gremlins singing Christmas carols and getting merry in the pub (something we've all been guilty of.)

The Christmas Villain

Every good Christmas movie has to have a villain – a character who's determined to ruin the festive vibe.

In this case it's Stripe, the ring leader of the no-so-cute reptilian Gremlins who could be called anti-elves.

They wreak havoc in the town of Kingston Falls and much like the Grinch are determined to ruin everyone's fun by spawning an army of Gremlins.

It's about love and friendship

Billy and Kate band together to stop the evil Gremlins from destroying the town and join forces to melt, burn and blow them up.

Kate also shares the tragic reason why her family doesn't celebrate Christmas – her dad died one year by getting stuck in the chimney.

By the second film they're happily married.

It's a tearjerker

At the end of the film Mr. Wing, from the shop comes back to retrieve Gizmo.

Angered by the carnage that has befallen the town he accuses Billy of not being ready to properly look after a Mogwai.

But Gizmo has become attached to Billy and it's hard not to shed a tear when he says "Bye, Billy…"

The merchandise

Like all good Christmas films such as Frozen and The Grinch, Gremlins has it's own line of merchandise.

From action figures to Gizmo plush toys there's a whole range of movie mementos to collect – perfect for Christmas gift ideas.


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