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OBSTACLES are common for couples in Chester but one pair is unable to move past theirs.

Meanwhile, beloved Hollyoaks character Juliet Nightingale acts out as she tries to cope with her condition. Get the lowdown.

1. Norma keeps a secret

Village tough man Warren Fox (played by Jamie Lomas) tries to bond with his long-lost mother Norma (Glynis Barber), particularly after the Undertaker decided to undergo a liver transplant to save his life.

Coming up on Channel 4, Warren decides to trust Norma more and invites her to the park with the twins to form a bond with her.

Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and a case of mistaken identity causes her to leave Sophie unattended at the park.

Sophie thus goes missing, leaving Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) furious once she finds out.

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Matters go from bad to worse when Warren collapses, claiming pain where the liver transplant

At hospital, Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell) delivers the terrifying news that his body might be rejecting the liver.

In later scenes, a concerned Norma confides in Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi), who convinced to go through with the transplant, about feeling that Warren's body rejecting the liver is a sign he wants nothing to do with her, despite appearances.

She also lets slip that she's keeping a huge secret from Warren, prompting Misbah to encourage her to come clean.

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But before she can do so, Norma is approached by Warren who surprises her with an apology after being convinced by his own son Joel Dexter to let her back into his life.

The family are finally on the same page – but will Norma tell Warren what's on her mind?

2. Ethan has doubts

Meanwhile, Ethan Williams (Matthew Bailey) is doubtful his relationship with Sienna is moving in the right direction.

Feeling under appreciated, he begins to wonder if she's as committed to him as he is to her, especially once she declines his offer to be his plus one for his brother Dave's wedding to Honour Chen.

Dave even asked Ethan to be his best man.

Ethan's doubts become too hard for him to handle and he ends up in an argument with Sienna.

Later on, he opens up to her about feeling like a guest in her home.

How will she react?

3. One relationship is in jeopardy

Speaking of Dave and Honour, there's clear trouble in paradise for the pair and they may even have to reconsider their plans to walk down the aisle.

Determined to make it work, Dave Chen-Williams (Dominic Power) asked for Honour's (Vera Chok) hand in marriage.

But when Grace Black (Tamara Wall) visits her to tempt her into having her wedding reception at The Loft, she senses the bride-to-be is getting cold feet.

Honour admits this might be the case and Dave questions her about it.

A heated discussion between the two ensues and Honour makes her feelings clear to Dave.

Dave's adoptive daughter Lizzie (Lily Best) walks in on the conversation and Honour explains how she's feeling.

Sadly, the future of her relationship with Dave is left unclear.

Is this the end for the couple?

4. Nancy is under pressure

Hollyoaks High teacher Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) can't catch a break, not even during half-term as she's called in alongside Beau.

The pair have to help Sally St. Claire with another inspection of the school and busy mother Nancy reluctantly agrees to be the new head of student welfare… which involves making a full presentation for the following day.

Nancy eventually returns home, hoping to get some rest, but she's unimpressed to be left with all the chores.

To makes matters worse, Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) is still failing to get in her good books.

Shing Lin leads the lad astray this week and both youngsters break into the empty school to mess around in the hall.

But as they're playing the drums, letting loose, and singing, they're caught red-handed by Nancy and Sally.

5. Juliet gets arrested

Reality catches up with Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) but she seems to refuse to accept it.

Hyperactive, Juliet makes it known to her girlfriend Peri – with whom she's just reconciled after months of heartache – that she'd like to have fun at the park.

However, Peri is afraid she may not be taking care of herself.

Later on, the latter comes up with a plan to surprise Juliet with her own mini festival, although her brother James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) isn't sure she'd be impressed by the idea.

Peri goes through with her plan in the park and a suggests Juliet moves in with her – but she's far from pleased, as predicted by James.

Juliet tells Peri that the fuss is a painful reminder she may not be around for much longer.

Later on, Peri finds out Juliet is partying at The Loft with newcomers Rayne and Lacey.

Juliet isn't happy Peri has shown up and is hellbent on keeping the party going.

Rayne continues to get content for her social media platforms… but she's horrified when a piece of Juliet's hair falls out.

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Peri then calls Zoe Anderson for help in stopping her out-of-control girlfriend and, when a scuffle ensues, Juliet
accidently hits Zoe, resulting in her being arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 and E4.

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