Finding Alice blasted as 'a load of rubbish' as ITV viewers rip into 'pathetic script and over the top acting'

ITV viewers have ripped shreds into the new drama, Finding Alice, labelling it "pathetic" and "rubbish"

The new ITV series follows widow Alice (Keeley Hawes) after the death of her beloved husband of 20 years, Harry.

After Harry's death, she struggles with overwhelming feelings of loss, abandonment and disorientation.

As Alice continues to settle into her new home, she uncovers an unsettling secret Harry had desperately tried to hide.

His dark trail of debt, suspicion and criminality leaves her blindsided.

Not even the star studded cast of Hawes, Joanna Lumley and Simon Nye could save the show from disgruntled viewers who took to Twitter to complain.

"Who on Earth commissioned this? Basically just a whodunit with an ensemble cast. Poor storyline and bad overacting seem to dominate every scene. Don’t believe the hype, it’s awful," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: “#FindingAlice who commissions such a pathetic script and pays for that cast?” 

And a third wrote: “Great cast wasted on such a terribly written farce. The cast aren’t sure what to make of it and over compensate, it’s awful. No one knows if it’s supposed to be comical or a drama. It’s certainly tragic #FindingAlice #itv #keeleyhawes.”

The show is entirely fictional, but show bosses opened up about the real life losses that inspired the series.

Creator Simon Nye said: "After Alice's husband's death, she struggles with overwhelming feelings of loss, abandonment and disorientation."

Fellow creator Roger Goldby added: "I read various books on grief, including A Grief Observedby CS Lewis, and  looked through the various online resources, websites, blogs, etc. that are there to  offer help and support for those who are grieving.

"And of course, as Simon says, we  both have our own experiences and those of people we know.

"When you are grieving  there is this notion of life goes on. Life goes on around you but not for you.

"My sister died very suddenly aged 27. You do cry and you get very emotional,  but then the next moment you can be laughing, and there will be times when you’re  just normal, whatever normal is!?” 

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