FBI Recap: High Anxiety — Did Maggie Return to Work Too Soon?

This week on CBS’ FBI, Special Agent Maggie Bell rejoined the team after seven months of medical leave and being cleared for duty. But at least one of her colleagues thought that maybe she jumped the gun.

After being near-fatally exposed to sarin gas back in a March episode (and to accommodate cast member Missy Peregrym’s maternity leave), Maggie had been on medical leave but came back to work in this Tuesday’s episode, with even a few weeks to spare. OA questioned her hurry, but Maggie maintained that she was ready, if maybe a bit “nervous.”

Her decision to resume duty ahead of schedule was further scrutinized by OA when he (pretty easily) came across the anti-anxiety meds she had been prescribed by her own shrink. After all, he explains, her superiors need to know if she is taking any such drugs. But Maggie insists that she hasn’t taken a single pill from the bottle, and only brought it only in case she had a bad first day back.

And what a first day back she had!

First off, Maggie froze up for a second and had visions of her sarin nightmare while busting into a POI’s apartment. (When OA brought that up after, she reiterated that she was A-OK — though she then proceeded to almost leave her gun on her desk.) Later, in the name of getting the goods on Jose, a drug-dealing gang leader who had shot dead a rival as well as a random, Quantico-bound jogger the guy happened to be talking to, Maggie went undercover as a club owner looking to set up a pipeline for coke for her customers. Her meet-up with an intermediary started to go sideways when the goon insisted she use his product first. As an overprotective OA raced into the place and pulled a fire alarm, the low-level gang member Maggie was with, Mateo, wound up shooting his cohort during a struggle for the gun that was being pointed at Maggie.

After that scare, we saw Maggie curled up in the office stairwell, regarding her bottle of pills, and having more sarin flashbacks, though it was unclear if she proceeded to pop a pill.

When an angry Jose reached out to Mateo via text, Maggie had to go undercover again, and once again she wound up with a gun being pointed at her, when Jose ordered rising star Mateo to pull the trigger. As Mateo resisted, Maggie signaled for help with the word “payback,” and her team stormed the place. Maggie chased after Jose, who slipped through a tunnel and emerged in a parking garage, but the feds quickly boxed in the guy.

Back at the squad room, OA shared his concern with Maggie about how if she had shot Jose, a review might have revealed how “you are not completely yourself right now.” Maggie snapped back, “I trust you as my partner, to tell you that I’m nervous, and you use that against me??

“I said I would tell you if I even thought about taking a pill, and I need you to trust me,” she added, before slamming her prescription bottle onto his desk. “Count ’em, every single one of them,” she said, before walking away.

What did you think of Maggie’s return? Is she clearly lying to herself/OA about not even “thinking” about popping a pill…?

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