Family Guy: Casey Wilson Laughs Off Jess' Fate, Plots Potential Comeback

Brian’s marriage to Jess — already a touchy situation, given its twisted origins — took its darkest turn yet on Sunday’s Family Guy, which formally wrapped the Fox comedy’s two-part season premiere. Just when it seemed that Brian was willing to settle into his new life as Jess’ fat-dog husband, his wife tried to have him euthanized. You know, payback for watching her choke to death in last week’s opener.

After narrowly being rescued by Peter — and thank goodness, because I don’t think the internet could handle Brian dying again — Brian made amends with his vengeful bride, and the two agreed to move forward in their marriage… only for Jess to suddenly die during the episode’s final commercial break. Casey Wilson just hopes you’ll remember her character “fondly.”

“Frankly, I feel badly for the audience, that they don’t get to experience more of Jess,” Wilson tells TVLine. “I hope the Family Guy writers have thought that through.” All kidding aside, Wilson says she’s “at peace” with Jess’ fate. “This show always makes me laugh so hard. It’s one of those shows you always hope you’ll get to do, like The Simpsons, so I was fine to play a character who would soon be deceased.”

Then again, no one has confirmed that this was the last we’ll see of Jess. “I feel like crazier things have happened than a character coming back to life,” Wilson says. “So why can’t Jess? I mean, she already did once, but why can’t she again? I feel like everyone is going to think, ‘Jess, we hardly knew ye.’”

Your thoughts on Jess’ sudden departure? Grade Part 2 of Family Guy’s season premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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