Evil Spirits Get Up Close and Too Personal With 'Ghost Adventures' Team

”I’ve never seen the hotel this dark before, and it has gotten darker. We could feel it and it’s calling us,“ paranormal investigator Zak Bagans says of Goldfield Hotel

Many years ago, the “GA” team uncovered under the hotel a deposit of quartz, which The Stone Tape theory suggests, ” can store information, such as a historical event” and “when the information is released, a residual haunting can occur.”

“It just makes for a very unique geographical location in terms of spiritual activity. I believe that that geomagnetic power really amplifies [the paranormal activity] on a whole other level,” Bagans said. “I believe that there’s other things in that area of Goldfield. I mean, you’re near Area 51 there. This is a very unusual landscape, a very unusual area of the world. There’s a lot of mysteries in this particular area of Nevada. And I’m not just talking extraterrestrial stuff, but just all things spiritual and supernatural. It has a profound effect on a lot of people. But I’ve never seen the hotel this dark before, and it has gotten darker. We could feel it and it’s calling us.”

Bagans continued: “And, you add that with intelligent spirits and ones that know us and interact with us and answer a question…When you’re doing stuff like that, they know that that’s going to elicit deep core fear within us, and that’s what they want. And we can’t prevent that from happening. It’s a natural reaction.”

Paranormal researcher and medium Chris Fleming joined the “GA” team during their first night of investigating. And what transpired rocked them all to the core – a hostile spirit overtook him, entering his body, changing Fleming’s voice and stiffening his movement. It didn’t stop there. Fleming fought to not let it control him, and he won. But after “it” left him, he tried to take over Tolley, whose body froze as he screamed in terror. “It” then made its way to Goodwin, who tackled his fellow investigator and grabbed his camera.

“It really doesn’t get darker than that,” Bagans said. “I’ve never been on an investigation where so many of us got so, so badly affected, particularly Aaron. I’ve never seen rage from Aaron Goodwin at all like that ever. To see that happen to him really spoke to the nature and the whole overview of what we were dealing with inside that building.”

“But as dark as it is,” he went on, “we have to risk ourselves — our spiritual selves, our mental selves, everything about us. We have to risk that because, at the same time, it is powerful evidence and documenting things like this is incredible. You’ve got to take the risk to reap the reward, which is evidence.”

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