Everything you need to know about the release of At Home With the Furys

At Home With The Furys teased in Netflix trailer

Since it was announced at the Edinburgh TV Festival last year fans have eagerly been awaiting the Netflix multipart documentary series At Home with the Furys following global boxing star Tyson Fury as he says goodbye to the ring and tries to embrace retirement with his family. With just days to go now before it lands here’s all you need to know.

When can I watch At Home With The Furys?

The entire series of nine episodes drops on Netflix on Thursday August 16.

Who features in it?

The entire Fury family appear in the show. Alongside Tyson, wife Paris and their six children, his father John also appears.

Recently engaged brother Tommy Fury and his fiancée Molly-Mae Hague also pop up.

The former Love Island stars, who have one child, got engaged last month as Tommy surprised Molly with a romantic proposal. However, their engagement won’t appear in the show as it had already been filmed by the time it happened.


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What is At Home With The Furys about?

It doesn’t shy away from showing the rough alongside the smooth. Paris openly talks about her husband’s bipolar, ADHD and depression and Tyson has confessed boxing is the only thing that gives him a purpose.

Fans will also see 32-year-old Paris taking cheeky digs at Tyson including an incident on a luxury yacht.

Laying down side by side, he asks her: “Why are you married to a fat man Paris?” to which she jokingly replies: “Because he’s rich.”

While Paris laughed at the jibe to Tyson turning to face him, he grins, finding her comeback humorous.

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It also shows the boxing champ’s tender side as he is seen in his busy household with his three boys, three girls and Paris before they revealed they were expecting a seventh baby earlier this year.

From pulling the covers off of his child to wake him up, his daughter playing with red lipstick, their youngest crying in a highchair to Paris trying to get them ready for school this gives an honest insight onto their family life.

How does Tyson cope with retirement?

Not well. In the show his father John observes: “The last time Tyson retired, he wasn’t in a good place, could he slip back down that road?”

As boxing fans know he did indeed step back in the ring and his family’s reaction to that also feature.

At Home With The Furys is available to stream on Netflix on August 16.

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