Everything you need to know about Netflix show Ginny and Georgia season 3

Attention all Ginny and Georgia fans, because we have BIG news. In case you missed it, Netflix, along with the stars of the hit show, have all taken to social media over the last couple of days to announce that not only has season three been given the green light, but season four too.

To recap, viewers were left on an unbearable cliffhanger at the end of the last series, when Georgia – during her wedding to Wellsbury mayor, Paul Randolph – was arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller.

While Georgia’s son Austin watched his mum get carted off in a police car, he shouted to her that he didn’t tell anybody. Which, obviously, kind of confirmed to everyone that something did happen. (Even though we know that she did kill him.)

So, peaches, while the news of the new episodes sink in, let’s take a look at what we can expect from season three of Ginny and Georgia…

When are we likely to see Ginny and Georgia season 3?

To put it as nicely as possible, we’ll probably be waiting a pretty long time until we’re back in Wellsbury with Ginny, Georgia, Austin, Paul, Max, Marcus, Joe and co.

Considering it took almost two years for season two to debut, and the fact that the news has only just been announced, it’s unlikely we’ll find out what happened to Georgia until at least 2024.

Good news though – the wait time is usually longer between a first and second series, which means the show’s bosses will probably be aiming for an earlier release date than last time.

Plus, this time around there hopefully won’t be any pandemic-related delays.

What will Ginny and Georgia season 3 be about?

To be honest, before the season two finale, it wouldn’t have been unrealistic for Netflix to have ended the show there and then.

Until the major plot twist, Georgia seemed to have got the fairytale she had always dreamed of – a perfect wedding, a perfect job, and a perfect life. Especially after Paul forgave her for coming clean about her past.

However, following Georgia’s arrest, it was obvious that there had to be more.

While there hasn’t been any official season three storylines leaked as of yet, it does make us think that the new episodes will focus on the aftermath of the wedding. Including how Ginny and Austin will cope with their mother gone, and whether Paul can forgive his wife for something so serious.

Sarah Lampert, the show’s creator did weigh in on potential plots before the confirmation of the season renewal, though. Speaking to Deadline, she revealed that series three was "going to be a wild ride."

"If Georgia is being charged with this crime, we have Zion, he's Ginny's dad, we have Gill in the picture now," she said.

"I think previous to this, he had no chance at custody because he was a convicted felon but who knows now, and we've got Paul, who's the stepdad."

Sarah then added that the show has “so many golden possibilities for storytelling based on how rich these characters are,” before she added that she does “have it planned out."

Who will be in Ginny and Georgia season 3?

Of course, we can expect to see Antonia Gentry as Ginny, Brianne Howey as Georgia, Scott Porter as Paul, Diesel La Torraca as Austin, plus the other main supporting actors from the previous two seasons.

It’s also likely Sabrina Grdevich’s character Cynthia will be back, considering that Georgia could potentially be charged with her husband’s murder.

We can also probably expect to see:

  • Jennifer Robertson as Ellen Baker
  • Felix Mallard as Marcus Baker
  • Sara Waisglass as Maxine 'Max' Baker
  • Raymond Ablack as Joe
  • Mason Temple as Hunter Chen
  • Katie Douglas as Abby
  • Chelsea Clark as Norah
  • Jonathan Potts as Mr Gitten
  • Colton Gobbo as Jordan
  • Connor Laidman as Zach
  • Nathan Mitchell as Zion Miller
  • Rebecca Ablack as Padma
  • Tyssen Smith as Brodie
  • Daniel Beirne as Nick
  • Aaron Ashmore as Gil Timmins

Is there a season 3 Ginny and Georgia trailer?

Due to the fact season three has just been announced, unfortunately, there’s no word on a trailer just yet. But we’ll keep you updated!

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