Eva Green Reacts to ‘Humiliating’ Text Messages Exposed During ‘Cuckoo’ Court Case

Eva Green is reflecting on her leaked text messages amid the “A Patriot” lawsuit.

Green was set to star in and executive produce the shelved action film “A Patriot” before suing White Lantern Films and SMC Speciality Finance film financiers for her $1 million salary. The “A Patriot” producers countersued Green for breach of contract, claiming she never intended to star in the film.

During court proceedings, the “Casino Royale” alum stated that she refused to appear in a potentially career-threatening “B-movie” like “A Patriot” once funding was slashed after she signed on. Attorneys for White Lantern rebutted Green’s claims and argued she never wanted the film to move forward, revealing WhatsApp messages allegedly sent by Green calling producer Jake Seal “pure vomit” and a “fucking moron” who should be fired, and describing other producers as “evil” and “arseholes.” Green additionally is said to have called proposed crew members “shitty peasants.”

Now, Green is addressing the WhatsApp messages in court. Green admitted to having a “very direct” style of communication, adding during a cross-examination (via Variety), “I was not expecting to have my WhatsApp messages exposed in court. It’s already very humiliating.”

Green compared her messages that White Lantern attorneys deemed to imply she was “pulling out” of the film to how Daniel Craig felt about the James Bond franchise. Craig infamously told a reporter in 2015 that he would “rather slash my wrists” than return as 007; he later completed the franchise with “No Time to Die.”

“I know this story very well because I know Daniel very well,” Green said on the stand.

One text message sent by “A Patriot” director Dan Pringle stated that he, Green, and producer Adam Merrifield were against budget cuts for the film. “As of right now, obviously all three of us would rather eat tumors,” Pringle allegedly wrote.

Attorney Max Mallin KC, who represents White Lantern, argued that Green “conspired” with Pringle and Merrifield to sabotage the film so they could buy back the script sans White Lantern or SMC Speciality Finance.

Green, in return, likened “A Patriot” to an “imaginary movie” due to the “chaotic” atmosphere of pre-production and empty production offices at Black Hanger, where the film was supposed to shoot.

“I lived through this and I don’t really understand,” she said. “I’m still confused by this cuckoo situation.”

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