Escape to the Chateau's Dick Strawbridge brutally rejects wife Angel's 'dream' renovation

DICK Strawbridge bluntly rejected wife Angel’s renovation dreams in the latest instalment of Escape to the Chateau. 

The hit Channel 4 show follows British couple Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel’s new life and home in France.

Cameras have been documenting Dick, 61, and his wife Angel, 43, for the past five years as they renovate their 19th-century castle in the Martigne-sur-Mayenne region of France.

But sometimes the French dream becomes a nightmare.

Even though the couple are great at working as a team, there was one feature of their home the beloved couple were unwilling to compromise on.

During a stroll around the 16th-century Villandry near Toursa, the couple explored a few more chateaux to see if they could improve their property any further.

They embarked on a two-hour drive from Chateau de la Motte-Husson, where the couple live with their two young children.

They observed a man raking one of the stone-pebbled lawns and Dick knew exactly what his wife was thinking.

Before she could even open her mouth, an adamant Dick said: “I’m never going to do it. Don’t even think about it.”

“I mean, that’s quite a sexy rake though, isn’t it,” Angel replied before adding: “[The rake] makes straight lines.

“Anything that makes straight lines,” she continued but her husband interjected: “Next thing you know is you want a stripy lawn.”

“But I do want a stripy lawn,” the mother-of-two explained, outlining her vision for the chateau’s garden.

However, shattering her dreams, Dick told her in no uncertain terms: “Darling, we’re never going to have a stripy lawn.”

Angel continued to venture around Villandry to see what other ideas she and her husband could incorporate into their home.

The narrator explained the chateau they were exploring was “the envy of horticulturists all around the world.”

Clapping her eyes on some of the produce growing on the land, the mother-of-two remarked: “I like a cabbage flower.”

“It has ten full-time gardeners to keep its borders in check,” the narrator added, before viewers saw Dick asking one of the members of staff to help him grow his vegetables.

Five years on and the couple have completely transformed the grounds around their home to grow a whole array of flowers and produce.

In a recent post on their Instagram page, Dick and Angel shared a picture of their garden with their 284,000 followers.

They wrote alongside it: “We simply had to share this image of Dick surrounded by colour in the gardens of The Chateau!”

What’s next in store for Dick and Angel’s French fairy-tale?

Escape to the Chateau is available to stream on All 4. 

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