Emmerdale’s best loved characters in peril as huge storm to rip through village

Emmerdale bosses have revealed that its "best loved villagers" will be in danger when a storm rips through the village during the 50th anniversary month.

The ITV soap, which began in 1972, will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a whole month of stories this October, which bosses said will "make you laugh, make you cry, make you surprised and stunts that are going to rock your world."

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other press, Producer Kate Brooks revealed that the anniversary week will focus on a "massive storm", which will "rip through the village and absolutely leave a massive trail of destruction in its wake."

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She also hinted that fan favourites will be in danger, adding: "Some of our best loved villagers will be in peril and it is safe to safe that the village won't be the same after this – and it won't be the same again, because the impact this storm has on people's lives is just massive."

Although storms have featured in Emmerdale before, resulting in the death of characters including Tricia Dingle, soap bosses said the 50th anniversary stunt has elements no one has "seen on a soap drama before."

Executive Producer Jane Hudson also added that one big storm will focus on Nate, Sam and Belle, saying: "One element in particular, trust me, nobody has done and no other soap could do it, apart from Emmerdale because of where we are."

She added: "One of the things we were very keen to do was to make sure our storm was in the daytime, so the whole storm takes place in one day, across about three or four episodes.

"It's all in daytime. It's very much windstorm, rather than a rain storm."

They also revealed that while the Woolpack and Home Farm will be two big center pieces during the 50th anniversary, every character living in the village will be impacted by the storm.

Jane hinted that Amelia will play "a big part in the storm when she needs to be found," but did not reveal whether the character will give birth during the 50th anniversary week.

She also teased that "Everyone connected to Kim and Will has got a major part to play in the 50th storyline," with the anniversary episode on October 16, 2022 focused on their upcoming nuptials.

That's not all, as the 50th anniversary month will also see the return of fan favourite characters including Diane Sugden, who will have a major part to play in the stories.

"As if all that isn't enough, we also have the return of some very familiar faces to the dales – Diane, Aaron and Tracey will all be making a reappearance – all be it on a temporary basis," said Jane.

"They'll be at the heart of some really big stories that will impact their lives and not just their lives, but the lives of the characters they leave behind."

However, both Jane and Kate revealed that the anniversary month will also tie up stories that have been building across the past year – as well as sparking a new story that could see one character go to jail for life.

"As we start the month, we will be focusing on our Faith storyline, which is a huge storyline for us at the moment. Then we will work our way into our storm week," said Jane.

"Then when we get to the end of October, it might be the end of our celebrations, but we will be ending that month with a storyline, which kicks off a whole new story and potentially sees one of our characters looking at spending the rest of their life in jail.

"We are absolutely making sure that when our celebration month ends, it really is just the beginning of a whole new chapter, particularly for one of our families."

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Emmerdale airs at 7.30 pm on weekdays on ITV.


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