Emmerdale viewers shocked as paedophile Maya Stepney abandons Jacob Gallagher and leaves him in the hotel alone

EMMERDALE viewers were left shocked during tonight's episode after paedo teacher Maya Stepney abandoned her schoolboy lover Jacob Gallagher.

Maya left Jacob alone in their hotel room, leaving fans at home furious.

We're not yet sure where she's gone or why she left, but her disappearance has not gone down well – with dozens of people taking to Twitter to make their feelings known.

One wrote: "It didn't last long did it Jacob, Maya has done a runner!

Another said: "I’m glad she’s gone now he can go home phone the police and finally get maya sent to prison!"

A third wrote: "She’s done a runner but needs to be caught and locked up."

A fourth said: "Hopefully Maya has jumped out of the window. Into oncoming traffic #Emmerdale".

The pair left the village after they were caught out and Maya was attacked.

Official spoilers have revealed that the evil teacher will finally be arrested next week.

On last night's episode Maya discovered that Jacob – son of her boyfriend David Metcalfe – had been in contact with his dad and was planning to meet up with him.

Paedophile Maya lost it with Jacob, and forced him to smash up his mobile phone to prove that he was serious about her.

After Jacob destroyed his phone, Maya was seen smiling slyly, knowing that she has got her claws into Jacob just that bit more.

But to make things even more devastating, she told him that he would never see his family again, and that it was just them now.

Emotionally blackmailing him she said that she "gave up everything for him" and that he in turn should do the same.

Clearly in pain, the 16-year-old looked scared and upset at this ultimatum, but told her he would "do anything" for her.

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