Emmerdale star reveals how Amelia will cope amid Dan exit terror

It’s hard to think about Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) being in Emmerdale without her dad, Dan (Liam Fox). Viewers have watched them together since Daisy Campbell was 7 years old, but it looks like they’re going to be split up soon as Dan faces a prison sentence after pleading guilty to assaulting Amelia’s stalker Lloyd (Matt Sutton), leaving him in a coma.

‘He’s always been such a good support system from starting the show together,’ Daisy Campbell told us about her on-screen dad. ‘He’s taught me so much and I’ll always carry all the stuff I’ve learnt from him throughout my career. I’d say we have more of a parent/child type relationship but we are also good pals!’

As Dan faces prison, Amelia must also face the prospect of life in the village without him, finding herself solely responsible for herself and daughter Esther for the first time in her life. Daisy told us it’s going to be a struggle for Amelia.

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‘At first I really don’t think she would cope well because she’s a single mum with college and a job to think about,’ she reflected. ‘In good time I think she would learn to cope but think it would take a while to get used to, because she’s always had Dan there. She’s definitely thinking about where she would live because she’s 17 and she has the house to think about running on her own if he ever did go to prison.’

Daisy told us that Amelia feels huge guilt over what happened with her dad and Lloyd, as it was her online activities that brought Lloyd into their lives in the first place.

‘She feels awful about it,’ Daisy revealed. ‘Deep down she’s starting to feel guilty for possibly leading Lloyd into their life by not even realising.

‘I think what runs in her head is that if she would’ve stayed offline, Dan wouldn’t be in this position and Lloyd wouldn’t be hurt. Amelia’s had trouble online before, so maybe she thinks she should’ve learnt her lesson from that. I think Amelia finally found something she was interested in aside from working in the salon. But all she would be thinking about is what her dad had to go through and Amelia feels deeply guilty about that.’

Daisy said that the whole ordeal is going to have lasting consequences for Amelia and will change her character, no matter how things turn out for Dan.

‘I think she will always carry that bit of guilt with her from this,’ she confirmed. ‘I don’t think that’ll ever go away with what Dan has had to go through recently. I think mostly she will probably learn from this situation to stay off social media and protect herself and her family.’

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