Emmerdale star Claire King quits social media over horrific trolling from 'middle aged women'

EMMERDALE star Claire King has quit social media over trolling from middle aged women.

The actress – who plays soap superbitch Kim Tate in the show – decided to come off Twitter altogether over the trolling.

She told OK! magazine: "I just don’t have time for it or need it in my life. The comments get very personal and it’s always age- related… I don’t need somebody I don’t know being nasty for the sake of it."

Claire added: "I think everyone in the public eye gets trolled, it seems to be the in thing these days.

"The first time I was in Emmerdale, we didn’t have social media so it’s a completely different world. I came off Twitter because some of the comments got very personal and it’s always age-related.

"I had messages calling me a 'wizened old woman'. It’s cruel and I don’t think it helps that Classic Emmerdale is shown on ITV3, so you can see me in my prime in the afternoon, then a few hours later I’ve aged 30 years in the current episodes on ITV."

Speaking of the trolls, Claire added: "Some have no profile picture, so I’d love to see what they look like. But surprisingly, a lot of trolls were middle-aged women.

"I’d have thought women would stick together, but sadly not. I don’t have time for it and I don’t need it in my life so I just came off social media. You’d think people would be a bit kinder in this day and age with all the talk about mental health."

In the end Claire decided to come off social media entirely and focus on her happy family life with her partner of 13 years and her stepdaughters.

She added: "You learn to have rhinoceros skin in this industry, but still, I don’t need somebody I don’t know just being nasty for the sake of it."

Claire was recently written out of Emmerdale over her need to shield due to her arthritis.

Her character Kim was blackmailed into leaving the village by her scheming daughter-in-law Andrea.

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