Emmerdale spoilers: Pierce Harris avoids jail sentence in storyline curveball?

Pierce Harris (played by Jonathan Wrather) was finally arrested last night, Emmerdale viewers tuned in to see dramatic scenes of the police busting open Mulberry cottage and rescuing Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry),  Kim Tate (Claire King), Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and her son Johnny. Tonight, he was questioned by the authorities, but something didn’t add up when the female Detective Inspector showed her true colours – is she and Pierce working together? 

After interrogating Pierce for some time, the interviewed was stopped and the male police officer got up and went to leave. 

His female colleague commented: “You go on, I’ll catch you up.” 

“Alone at last, I was waiting for you to say something, how’s the family?” Pierce remarked. “Girls must’ve grown up a lot by now? Is Ava still crazy about horses?”

“You know as well as I do, I can’t help you unless you give me something,” she replied. “You want to play this game? First move comes from you.” 

In a later scene, the episode returned to Pierce sitting opposite the two police officers investigating Graham Foster’s (Andrew Scarborough) murder. 


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“We both know I can unpick everything you’ve got and even if my confession were true it was gained illegally, it wouldn’t be admissible right?” Pierce stated. 

“You’d like me to strike the evidence?” The female asked taking part in his game, and Pierce replied: “That would be my preferred outcome.”

“Why? Because we went for the odd drink through work? Us and about 50 other people. Or is it because you know my daughter’s name,” she added seemingly blurring which side she stood – corrupt or straight. 

“Some might see it as a conflict of interest,” Pierce claimed but she clarified: “There is no conflict, you’re guilty and that’s all there is to it” 

After Pierce asked her to “prove” his guilt, they returned with hard evidence to pin him down for his crimes. 

“We searched your bedsit, checked some shoes we found against previously unidentified footprints at the scene of Mr. Foster’s murder,” the male detective explained before his colleague interjected sarcastically: “And would you believe it, there’s a match.” 

“We also retested the torch which was used as the murder weapon…And we found your DNA and a partial print, enough to suggest you held it at some point. Seems like you’re not as clever as you think you are,” they continued. 

“And that’s before we get to the kidnapping of Vanessa Woodfield and her son – which the CPS have said we can charge you over. The fact is we’ve got a lot to put you away, for a very long time,” Pierce acquaintance remarked. 

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Does Pierce’s relationship with the female police officer mean he is going to escape a jail sentence? 

Fans took to Twitter with their theories, one commented: Oh my god this Pierce ! Now she knows the bloody lawyer #Emmerdale.”

#Emmerdale oh ffs no way are they gonna f**k this up even more with this whole Pierce knows the cop in charge pile of ****” another wrote. 

Someone else said: “Wtf is going on between Pierce and the DI??? Just when I thought we got an end to this storyline they throw a curved ball. Drag it on why don’t you.” 


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Other surmised what is going to happen next: ““Just had a thought – will Pierce go straight back to prison? Or will we have to endure another trial? @emmerdale #Emmerdale.” 


A third added: “Game over Pierce, back to prison for you!! Well done Rhona now release Marlon!!!” 

While it seems the police officer decided to stay the right side of the law, was this just a red herring to prove to her colleague she was following procedure before she helps Pierce out? 

Emmerdale airs weekday evenings at 7pm on ITV. 

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