Emmerdale spoilers: Nate Robinson is facing three years in prison after confessing to Moira's hit and run

NATE Robinson admits to Lydia that he’s facing three years in prison next week in Emmerdale after confessing to Moira’s hit and run. 

The Dingles were shocked when Nate offered to take the blame to protect Belle Dingle – who Jamie has framed for the crime – after learning the extent of her mental health struggles. 

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Nate drove to the police station with Cain and mustered up the courage to hand himself in, thinking he’d get off lightly given that this will be his first offense. 

But the Dingles quickly realised that he might not be so lucky as the police kept him in overnight.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Lydia accompany Tracy to her scan appointment. 

Tracy opens up to Lydia about her fears that Nate will be sent down for a crime he didn’t even commit.

Later, Nate and Tracy look at the envelope revealing the baby’s gender, but they decide to save the moment and host a gender reveal party. 

When Tracy heads off upstairs, Nate admits to Lydia that he could be looking at two or three years in prison instead of six months. 

Lydia is stunned by Nate’s revelation and tells him he needs to tell Tracy. 

Meanwhile, Belle frets over the trouble she’s caused for Nate and Tracy. 

It soon becomes clear that she’s hearing the voice of her late mum Lisa again. 

Will Nate go through with taking the fall for the hit and run?

Or might he change his mind last minute for the sake of his and Tracy’s baby?

Talking about his character Nate's decision to take the fall for Belle, actor Jurell Carter explained to Metro.co.uk: "Jamie has framed Belle in this whole situation, and he sees Belle’s deteriorating health. If he [Nate] doesn’t take the rap, Belle will go to prison. So he will take the rap."

He added: "Initially it’s literally about Belle’s mental health, he just wants to help her out.

"He initially thinks because it’s his first offence and he’s pleading guilty, he thinks it’s months rather than years."

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