Emmerdale spoilers – Kim Tate digs up body as Danny Miller makes I'm A Celeb FINAL; plus EastEnders & Corrie news

Will Taylor decides to propose to Kim Tate after she digs up DI Malone's body.

Will – who is played by Dean Andrews on the ITV soap – pops the question to superbitch Kim after he's taken aback by her efforts to protect him.

Meanwhile, outside of the show, Danny Miller has made it to the I'm A Celebrity Final after weeks of grueling trials.

Emmerdale fans can find out tonight if their star man wins the show.

Read our soap spoilers live blog for the latest news and gossip…

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale spoilers: Will Taylor makes shock decision

    Will Taylor decides to propose to Kim Tate after she digs up DI Malone's body.

    Will – who is played by Dean Andrews on the ITV soap – pops the question to superbitch Kim after he's taken aback by her efforts to protect him.

    In the run up to Christmas, Will lets his jealousy show to Bernice when he thinks she’s on a date with Dan.

    Will and Bernice have an open discussion about their feelings for each other but the atmosphere quickly turns sour when Bernice gives Will an ultimatum: her or Kim.

    Unbeknownst to them both, Kim is in the hallway having heard every word. She ominously makes a call and begins planning a ‘disposal’.

    On Christmas morning, Bernice gives Will a hopeful smile as he feels the pressure to make his decision.

    Later, as he approaches Malone’s grave with Kim, he is alarmed to find it freshly dug up and worries that, if Kim really did hear something incriminating, this could be part of her revenge.

    But she reveals that she removed the corpse so that Will no longer feels tethered to her – he can decide whether he stays or goes.

  • Louis Allwood

    Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne in love triangle

    Daniel Osbourne will be caught up in a love triangle with Daisy Midgeley and Adam Barlow's ex.

    In the lead up to Christmas, Daniel becomes increasingly jealous as love interest Daisy starts spending more time with newcomer Ashley.

    The English teacher spots Daisy taking a call from footballer Ashley but he's not impressed and becomes annoyed.

    Later in the week, Daisy steps in to help Daniel after he was recently accused of being a paedophile, after Max Turner suggested that he'd slept with Summer Spellman.

    Later in the week, seeing Daniel floundering Daisy steps in and grabbing the microphone, tells the crowd that Daniel is the most decent and kindest man
    she’s ever met, leaving Daniel’s genuinely touched.

    Ken urges Daniel to stop playing games and tell Daisy how he feels but when he invites her for a drink she turns him down, explaining that Ashley’s taking her to a celeb bash.

  • Louis Allwood

    Bev Callard claims Simon Gregson ‘was bullied on set’ of Corrie

    Beverley Callard has said Simon Gregson was bullied on the set of Coronation Street by “jealous” co-stars.

    The Steve McDonald actor infuriated his colleagues because he was “so good looking” and “got all the girls”.

    Beverley, who played his on-screen mum Liz, said on Loose Women that she supported Simon during his early years on the hit soap.

    She said: “All the girls fancied him so he was really bullied by the boys. There was a little bit of jealousy there from his peers.

    “We helped him, Charles who played Jim and I, we helped him with everything, absolutely everything.”

  • Louis Allwood

    EastEnders' Rose Ayling Ellis calls Giovanni Pernice 'sweaty' during practice

    Rose Ayling-Ellis has joked that her dance partner Giovanni Pernice was "sweaty" as the couple practised their Argentine tango for the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final.

    Appearing on Strictly It Takes Two, the actress was shown a video clip and laughed at her apparent disgust at being so close to her dance partner, calling him "sweaty".

    In the footage, Pernice joked: "Stop doing the sweaty thing. People would pay to have this sweat and be this close with me."

  • Louis Allwood

    EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter cornered

    Janine Butcher is back to her scheming best as she attempts to bag Mick Carter for Christmas.

    Charlie Brooks’ explosive BBC One character has her sights set on the head of the Queen Vic and her obsessive ways means she’ll stop at nothing to get her man.

    EastEnders spoilers show Janine getting flirty with Mick, played by Danny Dyer, as they put the decorations up at the pub.

    Nancy and Shirley warily look on but miss the schemer as she switches up the Best Spouse In the Ouse questions for the festive quiz.

    Mick is annoyed, but his tempers fade when Janine tells him she’s taken care of his kids’ presents with the help of Billy Mitchell.

    The next day, Janine ramps up her cheeky streak in an attempt to catch Mick’s eye as she dresses as Mrs Claus.

  • Louis Allwood

    Coronation Street spoilers: Seb gives mum a gift

    Abi Franklin tries to get into the Christmas spirit, despite Seb’s tragic death.

    But unexpectedly, the mechanic played by Sally Carman is set to get a heart-warming surprise from her late son.

    As Christmas is on the horizon, the grieving mother attempts to get into the holiday spirit, thinking Seb would have wanted her to be happy.

    An upcoming Coronation Street episode will see her urging Jack (Kyran Bowes) and Kevin (Michael Le Vell) to remain focused on their Christmas celebrations.

    Both will be delighted by the prospect… until a rummage through Seb’s belongings will lead to a bombshell discovery about his death.

  • Louis Allwood

    Inside Emmerdale star James Hooton’s life

    James Hooton is worlds apart from his hapless alter ego, with a raft of strong opinions and interesting hobbies.

    In the Dales, James is more often than not covered up in a scruffy coat or long sleeve top.

    So it was a surprise to fans when they saw the chiselled figure underneath in a shirtless Instagram post.

    James's impressive physique is honed from his love of rock climbing, which he often shares videos of himself doing on social media.

    A devoted dad to his two daughters Ava-Rose and Lilly, James enjoys family outings and fun-filled days at home.

    He has been engaged to the girls' mum Nancy since 2010, and she was most recently seen when the family visited London for afternoon tea inside the iconic Walkie Talkie building.

  • Louis Allwood

    Rose could be running away with the trophy

    Rose and Giovanni will almost certainly win Strictly Come Dancing this year, according to the latest odds from Ladbrokes.

    The bookies have the duo priced at 1/5 to lift this year's glitterball trophy, which equates to a whopping 83% chance of winning.

    Jessica O'Reilly of Ladbrokes said: "Rose and Giovanni may as well just be handed the trophy now as it's looking impossible to beat them this year."

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale bosses devastate cast by axing Christmas party

    EMMERDALE bosses have followed Coronation Street’s decision to axe their boozy Christmas bash over fresh fears about a possible coronavirus outbreak on set. 

    The cast was gutted to learn their party had been postponed earlier this week after plans for the raucous bash had been circulated around the stars.

    An insider said: “It’s best for everyone if the party is postponed until 2022 – the safety of the cast and crew comes first.”

    The Government is still officially urging people to press ahead with bashes and school nativities despite implementing Plan B restrictions.

    But the rip of Omicron across the country has sparked fresh fears of tough countermeasures that could blow a hole in the festivities. Omicron could be infecting more than 4,000 Brits each day amid fears it will overtake Delta as the dominant UK variant.

    Top Scottish scientists are already urging the public to pull the plug on gatherings to stop the spread.

  • Louis Allwood

    EastEnders' Adam Woodyatt left the castle last night

    On Friday, December 10, 2021, a double eviction shocked the camp where two people were sent home.

    Those people were soap star Adam Woodyatt and diver Matty Lee, who spent their final day in camp working together to gain marshmallows for their friends.

    Talking about his time in camp, Adam became emotional as he spoke about how the camp was a "new start" for him, as he reflected on his desire to keep busy throughout his time in the castle.

    Matty, on the other hand, talked about how hopes to win another gold medal now he is out, but aimed to show who he really is rather than the "serious athlete" on the diving board.

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale's Danny Miller takes on the cyclone

    Frankie Bridge, David Ginola, Danny Miller and Simon Gregson were drenched, hammered by wind and eventually flooded by the huge assault course as they fought for their delicious end of series meals.

    Retired footballer David was seen with a haul of stars as he made his way up the slippery slope while dodging bouncing balls.

    Each celeb was dressed in a colourful cape, fitting for the heroic efforts they all gave.

    Emmerdale’s Danny appeared to lead by example, clawing his way to the top of the hill and lying face down on his star as the water cascaded around him.

  • Louis Allwood

    Janine Butcher puts Billy Mitchell in a terrible position

    Janine Butcher has horrified fans by turning on Billy Mitchell.

    The schemer – who is played by actress Charlie Brooks in the BBC soap – has been pulling a stolen car scheme at the car lot under owner Jay Brown’s nose.

    But after he discovered her plan and demanded a cut, Janine refused and insisted she was shutting everything down.

    Last night she decided to frame Jay for everything – and she demanded Billy help her.

    Sitting Billy down she told him: “We already set up a fall guy and now he just needs a little shove.”

    But with Billy confused at what she meant, an exasperated Janine shouted: “Jay!”

    She added: “It would be unfortunate for Jay if they were to find a necklace from one of the missing motors in his things. 

    “That would be sad. Right Billy?”

  • Louis Allwood

    Strictly Crew ‘dreading Nina Wadia’s return in series finale after she slammed the show’

    Staff are dreading the return of EastEnders actress Nina Wadia after she slammed the show following her exit, according to reports.

    The 52-year-old was the first celeb to be eliminated back in week two, and claimed she’d been hard done by from the judges’ scoring.

    She described their marking as “shocking” and said the overall experience was “odd”.

    Ahead of Saturday night’s final which will see past contestants return, one inside told the Mirror: “It’s left a very sour taste in the mouth.”

    Another complained Nina “moaned all the time” and added: “She is coming back for the final, which we are slightly dreading.”

    Nina lost out in the dance off to former Corrie star Katie McGlynn.

  • Louis Allwood

    EastEnders spoilers: Dana Monroe makes life-changing decision

    Bobby Beale will be left touched as Dana Monroe makes a life-changing decision about Islam.

    The waitress – played by Barbara Smith in the BBC soap – started going out with convicted felon earlier this year.

    In upcoming scenes of the hit show, Bobby and Dana plan something special for the family after Christmas dinner goes awry.

    Meanwhile, Dana later tells Bobby that she wants to learn more about Islam and visit the Mosque.

    The pair haven't had an easy ride as there have been plenty of obstacles to overcome along the way, including him confessing to his girlfriend that he killed his older sister Lucy.

    They hit a rough patch back in September and Dana broke up with Bobby because her dad Harvey pressured her to go off to university in Scotland.

    Bobby struggled to come to terms with their split and his OCD started to get worse.

    Dana realised what was going on and after a deep and meaningful chat, they got back together.

  • Louis Allwood

    Corrie spoilers: Tyrone Dobbs horrified as Fiz Stape makes shock demand

    Tyrone Dobbs is left horrified this Christmas as Fiz Stape makes a shock demand about Jack and Vera's house.

    Fiz – played by Jennie McAlpine in the ITV soap – surprises ex Tyrone when she and the girls turns up to spend Christmas Day with him.

    Fiz's new man Phill Whittaker goes to visit his mum Mimi – leaving Tyrone and Fiz to spend some time together with the girls.

    However, the mechanic decides it's the perfect time to try and rekindle his relationship with Fiz and leans in for an ill timed kiss.

    But, the surprises don't end there.

    The following week, Tyrone tells Evelyn that it’s obvious Phill will get bored of playing the family man and when he does, he’ll be waiting for Fiz.

    Fiz drops the bombshell that she wants to sell No.9, Tyrone is left gobsmacked.

    Later in the week, Tyrone asserts the house is rightfully his and he’s adamant that he's not selling it.

  • Louis Allwood

    Danny is the new favourite to win I'm A Celebrity this year with Ladbrokes.

    Sustained support for the actor has seen his odds tumble in recent days, which has pushed Danny to the top of the betting as the front runner to win at 13/8.

    Simon currently occupies second in the market at 2/1 with David now chalked up at 3/1.

    Unfortunately it's bad news for girl power as Frankie is the outsider of the quartet to win at 7/1, making her also the 5/4 favourite to leave on Saturday night.

    Jessica O'Reilly of Ladbrokes said: "Danny's been proving a popular bet with punters recently and his price of winning has collapsed into favouritism."

    She added: "David's odds of being crowned king of the castle are drifting like a barge down the Seine. Having been the favourite for a couple of weeks he's now got to settle for third spot behind Danny and Simon respectively."

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale spoilers: Al Chapman forced into deadly action (Continued…)

    With difficulties in his plan, Al struggles to move forward with his project and Gavin is left disappointed that he has made no progress, aware that he will not be paid what he is due anytime soon.

    To make things even harder for Al, both Chas and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) are refusing to support the change he is planning to introduce to The Woolpack, further delaying a payback.

    This leads to Gavin pressuring Al to get Chas and Marlon to sell.

    But if you thought that only Meena Jutla is out for blood on Emmerdale, Gavin is ready to prove the contrary.

    In an upcoming episode of Emmerdale, things take a turn when the pair meet.

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale spoilers: Al Chapman forced into deadly action

    Al Chapman has made a name for himself as an unpopular face on Emmerdale.

    Another character is set to join him as Gavin is wanting his due, pressuring the businessman to go on with his plan for The Woolpack.

    Gavin was recently introduced to Emmerdale fans as Al's sketchy business partner.

    He became involved in his project to turn The Woolpack into luxury flats by financing Al, played by Michael Wildman.

    But while Al was at odds with Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), plotting behind her back to push her buttons while simultaneously being tricked by her, he apparently forgot he would have a debt to pay.

  • Louis Allwood

    Corrie horror as two favourites commit shock murder

    Fans are horrified after Alya and Zeedan Nazir turned into killers.

    The siblings – who are played by actors Sair Khan and Qasim Akhtar in the ITV soap – watched as Hashim died in front of them so his blackmail would go away.

    Hashim collapsed while threatening the pair in their house – but as Zeedan tried to help, Alya told him to stop.

    Insisting their problems would die with him, she convinced Zeedan to help her fake a crime.

    “We can’t just leave him to die,” said Zeedan as Hashim clutched his chest.

    “Zeedan he was threatening us, isn’t it self defence?” Alya said as she continued to ignore the dying man on the carpet.

  • Louis Allwood

    Adam Woodyatt calls Ant rude word on air

    Ant McPartlin looked taken aback on tonight's show – after Adam Woodyatt called him a "bugger".

    The moment came during an emotional exchange after the EastEnders star was booted out of the TV castle with Matty Lee.

    Ant, 46, asked: "We noticed at the last supper you got quite emotional and you were crying.

    "You said your life's had a massive turnaround. Would you say your time in the castle has helped you in any way?"

    He replied: "A bit" before taking a long pause and adding: "I'd looked at it as…"

    Soap veteran Adam, 53, then added: "Oh you got me you bugger."

    As Ant looked surprised he went on: "I'd looked at it like it was going to be a start, a new start.

    "There's a lot of stuff still going on."

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale’s Danny Miller set to make a million if he wins I’m A Celeb

    EMMERDALE'S Danny Miller could be laughing all the way to the bank if he manages to win I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

    Danny, 30, is one of the hot favourites to take the I'm A Celeb crown as he wins over fans and he's already being lined up for big jobs post show

    His off-screen career is now being handled by one of his mates, former Love Islander Scott Thomas – the brother of soap stars Ryan and Adam.

    Scott heads his own PR firm in Manchester and is pals with the billionaire Umar Kamani – who runs fashion firms Boohoo and Pretty Little Things with his family. And once he leaves the Welsh castle later this month, former Emmerdale favourite Danny will be looking to hit the ground running with a string of public appearances, media interviews and endorsements.

    A source said: "He'll come out of camp to several big TV offers – he's proved very popular. Scott is looking to work a number of angles for Danny, including speaking to the Kamanis about getting Danny on the catwalk with Boohoo. Danny is very marketable because he’s been on the nation’s tellies for years as Aaron from Emmerdale and after appearing in I’m a Celeb he’ll be recognisable to another layer of fans who won’t have seen him in the soap.

    “The key when someone gets out of I’m a Celeb is to act fast and bag the best deals and quickly before the person fades from the public’s collective mind.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans disgusted by Corrie scene

    Fans have been left uncomfortable over tonight’s episode where teacher Daniel Osbourne was accused of grooming Summer Spellman.

    In tonight’s episode Daniel was questioned by police over his actions towards Summer – but it took his ex Daisy to get through to him.

    After Tracy kicked Billy and Summer out of her flat, Summer ran off crying and Daisy followed.

    Sitting down to listen to her, Daisy got her to open up about her crush on Daniel – and realised what the teacher had done to her.

    She went over to the house to tell him and make him see how inappropriate he had been. 

    “I know nothing happened between you and Summer, I know you wouldn’t do anything like that from the off – I didn’t need Summer to confirm it,” she said.

    “But you must have twigged that she had the mother of all crushes. 

    “A pretty bright young thing hanging off your every word, laughing at your jokes, or puns in your case. It wouldn’t have done your ego any harm.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly Neelan given a lifeline

    KELLY Neelan is given a lifeline by Gary Windass after she is fired and made homeless again.

    The troubled teen – played by Millie Gibson on the ITV soap – will turn to drugs after she loses her job and struggles to adjust to life after leaving prison last month.

    At her drugs support group Abi shoots Kelly a look of pure hatred as she describes her troubled upbringing, how she’s done some terrible things and used drugs as an escape route.

    Feeling a flicker of empathy, Abi then bears her soul to the group.

    Back on the street, Gary saves the day and suggests to Maria that they could offer Kelly a roof over her head.

    But will Maria agree?

    Meanwhile, Maria has a change of heart and offers Kelly her old job back, Kelly’s thrilled and Gary’s grateful for Maria's kindness.

  • John Hall

    Coronation Street spoilers: Seb gives mum a gift (Continued…)

    In the episode to be aired later in December, 2021, Kevin is handed a few of Seb's things by Tyrone, which Emma found in the flat.

    While reading a letter found amongst Seb's belongings, Kevin realises Abi is in for quite a big surprise.

    Stunned, Kevin reads the mysterious letter which leaves his jaw dropped, before swearing Tyrone to secrecy.

    Kevin's shocking discovery will lead him to make a secretive phone call, not knowing what to do as Abi has been left fragile and vulnerable by her son's murder.

    What surprise has Seb left his mother and stepfather from beyond the grave? Tune in to Coronation Street to find out.

  • John Hall

    Coronation Street spoilers: Seb gives mum a gift

    Abi Franklin tries to get into the Christmas spirit, despite Seb's tragic death.

    But unexpectedly, the mechanic played by Sally Carman is set to get a heart-warming surprise from her late son.

    As Christmas is on the horizon, the grieving mother attempts to get into the holiday spirit, thinking Seb would have wanted her to be happy.

    An upcoming Coronation Street episode will see her urging Jack (Kyran Bowes) and Kevin (Michael Le Vell) to remain focused on their Christmas celebrations.

    Both will be delighted by the prospect… until a rummage through Seb's belongings will lead to a bombshell discovery about his death.

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