Emmerdale: Luke Posner and Ethan’s sexuality storyline explained – actor Emile John has spoken out

EMMERDALE has confirmed plans to explore Luke Posner’s sexuality in a new storyline. 

Actor Emile John – who plays Ethan in the ITV soap – has revealed Ethan will accuse Luke of lying about his sexuality to his girlfriend Victoria Sugden. Here’s the lowdown…

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What has Emmerdale revealed about Luke Posner’s new sexuality storyline?

Ethan will spot Luke next week in Emmerdale village and accuse him of pretending to be straight, which Luke will deny. 

Luke then starts overcompensating with his affections towards Victoria.

But Emmerdale bosses are yet to reveal any more details, and fans will have to tune in for more information.

What has Emile John said about the storyline?

Speaking to The Sun and other media about the new storyline, actor Emile John revealed: "Ethan is a righteous man.

"If he senses someone is being lied to, he will confront who he needs to to put it right. Luke is not an exception to that rule."

Speaking about the history between Luke and Ethan, he added: "There’s definitely a familiarity between them and the way it unravels and evolves is sure to shock the viewers.

"It’s not how you’d expect the relationship to start.

"I think Ethan thrives in exposing the truth and revealing people’s shortcomings so they can learn and grow.

"It’s a harsh method and there are sure to be consequences in the case of Luke and Victoria – it could shatter the trust between them."

Is Luke dating Victoria to get revenge for his brother Lee?

Emmerdale viewers have been suspicious of Luke’s motives for dating Vic ever since he was revealed as the brother of her rapist Lee.

Fans predicted he was planning on stealing her inheritance as revenge for his brother’s death when he showed a huge interest in the land her grandmother Annie had left her. 

Actor Max Parker recently teased that viewers might start to see a darker side to Luke.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Max teased: "I think Luke is genuinely one of the good guys.

"But everyone has their triggers and who knows what’s around the corner."

He added: "It's never plain sailing with Victoria and Luke, but I’m enjoying our little double act at the minute so we will have 

But whether Luke has sinister motives for dating Vic remains to be seen, and viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Are Luke and Aaron going to get together in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans have been predicting a romance between Luke and Aaron ever since they bumped into each other outside gay bar back in January 2020.

Aaron had been thrown out after a row in the bar – and Luke took him to hospital.

The news that Emmerdale is going to be exploring Luke’s sexuality in the coming weeks has left viewers convinced there’s a romance on the cards for Aaron and Luke. 

One said: "I’m calling it. Luke is either bisexual or still in the closet and him and Aaron are going to get together. Think they’d make a GORG couple."

Another added: "When Luke just happened to be outside that gay bar when Aaron got kicked out and emmerdale were all “pppfffttt a coincidence of course he’s not gay.” 

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