Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Chloe’s link to Joe Tate as they twig return twist

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Emmerdale viewers transformed into super sleuths on Tuesday evening as they 'worked out' a twist which could see the hunky Joe Tate return to the Dales.

He was left for 'dead' by Graham Foster, who couldn't bear to kill the man he thought of as a son, and left to flee the country while living off Kim's money.

But now fans are certain that he's heading back to Yorkshire – and they think Sarah's link to new girl Chloe could be the key.

Chloe is the sister of Gemma, the girl who donated her heart to Sarah and saved her life after dying in a car accident.

Eagle-eyed viewers have been watching from the sidelines, however, and twigged that Chloe might actually be related to Joe.

Posting on Facebook, one fan theorised: "I think her dad or brother is Joe Tate, as he went away for some time!"

Others rushed to point out that Chloe definitely seems "suss" – but could she be attempting to get closer to Sarah to secure information on her mum Debbie – Joe's ex?

Another fan tweeted: "Don't believe Chloe, she doesn't answer questions about certain things. And sounds like she makes stuff up on spot. She's deffo suss."

"Chloe is suss and do not trust her!" someone else echoed, as a fourth viewer tweeted: "Chloe is definitely hiding something! #Emmerdale."

Some even predicted Chloe would turn out to be another serial killer like Meena Jutla, writing: "All the secrecy because Chloe is probably another serial killer – that village attracts them don't you know?"

"I don't like that Chloe at all… Sarah needs to put her guard up around her a lot more. Sarah is acting too vulnerable!" another penned.

Later in the episode, Chloe was finally introduced to Sarah's grandma Charity – as she questioned her whether or not she was Noah's girlfriend.

Things got rather awkward quite quickly, as Chloe quickly tamped down on her assumptions.

"Why all the secrecy?" Charity asked – and Sarah finally splurged that Chloe was the sister of her heart donor.

But the other youngster was furious that her secret had come out – leaving fans certain that she is lying about the entire thing.

With the blossoming family connections to Sarah, Noah and now Charity – who all had their own links to Joe – could Chloe be attempting to figure out more about her potential relative?

Or could she have a more sinister motive in mind?

Emmerdale airs from 7pm weekdays on ITV.

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