Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Caleb’s motive as Alex DNA link ‘exposed’ after return

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    Emmerdale fans believe Caleb Dingle could be related to Alex Moore as they finally "work out" his true motive.

    Viewers have been wary of Caleb, played by Waterloo Road star Will Ash, since he first arrived on Christmas Day and announced he was Cain and Chas' long lost sibling.

    Since his first appearance, fans have become convinced there is more him than meets the eye and have now speculated he could somehow be linked to Alex.

    The ex-boyfriend of Dawn Taylor was last seen in the village back in November, attempting to take Lucas away with him but recently made his return to the Dales.

    In Thursday's episode, the villainous character was seen getting close to Naomi who later asked him out for a drink.

    But as he reaffirmed his place amongst the residents, fans noted he has a slight resemblance to Caleb, suggesting the two could be related somehow.

    "Alex looks similar to Caleb #emmerdale," pointed out one viewer.

    "I’m wondering if Caleb has connections to Alex the dad of the kids and Dawns ex," echoed a second.

    A third theorized: "#Emmerdale fans – could Caleb be Alex’s dad? He’s been on the phone to a mystery person, and Alex (Dawn’s ex) is back soon for a Naomi storyline. Is Caleb taking revenge for what Kim and Will did to Alex? I’m not actually sure of the age of Caleb/Alex."

    Someone else added on Reddit: "Is it just me or does Caleb look like Alex?"

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