Emmerdale fans stunned as David exposes paedo teacher Maya's vile sexual abuse in the pub but she could still escape justice

EMMERDALE was on fire tonight as the Maya and Jacob storyline heated up even more with dad David revealing to a stunned Woolpack why the headmistress had been arrested.

Fans were equally shocked as it appears the paedophile may still walk free because of lack of evidence.

After Maya Stepney was arrested last night it seemed she was finally going to get justice. However Jacob is refusing to talk and his abuser is denying everything and claiming Leyla, Priya and Tracy kidnapped her.

The trio are terrified of getting in trouble with the police over the kidnap so are denying everything, even if it means Priya omitting she saw Maya kissing Jacob.

The schoolboy’s dad David is understandably furious with the women – even though it took him ages to go to the police himself – and berates them for not speaking up.

And fans were outraged by the women.

One tweeted: “I feel that if Laila & co really cared about Jacob. They would have gone to the police as soon as they realised Maya was still alive and they wouldn’t still be covering their tracks now #Emmerdale”

Another wrote: “I won’t be surprised if Maya walks away scott free #Emmerdale”

And one added: “Wish Layla and co would just tell the bloody truth and protect a groomed child instead of their slutty selves ffs #emmerdale”

One fan sensibly wrote: “No idea why they didn’t say they saw them kissing, they spotted her on the side of the road, picked her up (she went willingly) and when they asked her about it in the car she jumped out.”

While a viewer added: “Leyla went crazy when she found out Maya was grooming Jacob and would do anything to protect her son. But now she won’t tell the police the truth to save her own skin ? mother of the year. NOT. #emmerdale”

As news broke around the village that the women were at the police station, Priya’s dad demanded to know what was happening.

David decided to spill the beans on the situation and reveal that Maya has been abusing his son for months.

As the pub goers looked on horrified, eagle-eyed fans quickly clocked Dr Liam looking suspicious.
One fan wrote: “Look at the DR’s face? Does he know something about her??? #Emmerdale”

Another added: “What does Dr Liam know? ? #Emmerdale”

Emmerdale David told the people at the pub the truth about Maya and Jacob. Liam's face. ?

Liam’s face!!! Has Maya got form??? #Emmerdale

Now it's out in the open it wouldn't surprise me if it turns out that Maya has done this before. #Emmerdale

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