Emmerdale fans spot something very suspicious about Gabby Thomas – and it could break Jamie Tate's heart

EMMERDALE fans have spotted something very suspicious about Gabby Thomas – but have you noticed it?

The teen – played by Rosie Bentham in the ITV soap – fell pregnant with millionaire vet Jamie Tate's baby earlier this year after a passionate one night stand.

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Soon after finding out that the news that she was expecting she moved into Home Farm with Jamie and his mum Kim to play happy families.

But over the past few weeks the focus has shifted from Gabby and on to Kim as she's been suffering with dizzy spells and has started to become extremely forgetful.

Gabby has been very supportive of Kim throughout as she's convinced she's showing early signs of dementia.

But little does Kim know that the mother of her grandchild is stealing money from one of her business accounts.

To make matters worse the business woman has no idea that the reason she's been feeling so unwell is because she's being poisoned by a mystery culprit.

So fans of the show are starting to become very wary of Gabby and her motives.

Back in February viewers of the hit show were convinced that Gabby was lying about being pregnant, and now they're starting to second guess it all again because of one tell tale clue.

One wrote on Twitter: "Is Gabby actual pregnant? #Emmerdale."

Another replied to their tweet with: "I was wondering that but she did have a scan didn’t she. X."

The fan added: "I am a bit lost with it to be honest but no baby bump to see which I know means nothing really but button up skirt ect."

Another said: "Shouldn’t Gabby be showing by now? #Emmerdale."

Fans are still scratching their heads over who could be poisoning Kim.

Gabby, Kim’s son Jamie and her ex Will Taylor are the main suspects of the crime.

And over the weekend actress Rosie dropped a hint that Gabby Thomas isthe poisoner.

She said: "Yeah, Gabby is a very likely suspect! She has regular moments of greed and she can be really, really unkind to get her own way.

"Kim has been really forgetful recently and Gabby has already shown that she can play on that by stealing money, so what else can she do?"

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