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AMELIA Spencer recently gave birth to a daughter after being stuck out in a storm that ripped through the Dales.

According to Emmerdale fans, reluctant teen dad Samson Dingle has since been up to no good and may even have a sinister plan.

The youngster portrayed by Sam Hall made it clear he wouldn't want anything to do with his own daughter as soon as he found out Amelia was pregnant.

Being stuck in a deadly storm and escaping death wasn't enough for him to have a change of heart.

When he was brought into hospital, Samson had the opportunity to meet his daughter, Esther, after Amelia (Daisy Campbell) gave birth to her prematurely.

During their first encounter, the lad told the baby he wouldn't let her ruin his plans for the future.

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However, during Wednesday's trip to the Dales, Samson was seemingly ready to step up as he went to register Esther's birth with Amelia.

Soap fans believe they can see right through Samson and are convinced he's actually up to something dark.

"I don’t suppose Samson is planning on putting the baby up for adoption? He’s up to something", one of them wrote.

Another speculated: "Is Samson going to kidnap this baby and do something sinister?"

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One viewer theorised: "Samson is up to something devious, the little s***.”

Another echoed: "I don’t trust Samson. I hope he doesn’t harm that baby", while one fan questioned: "If Samson didn't want to know about Esther, why did he go to the registry office?"

"I think Samson is planning on forging Amelia’s signature so he can put Esther up for adoption or put her up for adoption secretly", one viewer added.

However, another handful of viewers believe Samson is hatching another plan – and Jack Downham's Noah Dingle could pay the price.

"I wonder if he’s going to sign Noah’s name", one soap fan chimed in.


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Another said: "I think Samson will turn up to register the baby but there will be a twist and he will use Noah name instead."

"I think he will turn up and say he doesn’t want his name on the birth certificate", one final viewer jumped in.

But how far will Samson go to get rid of his responsibilities as a father?

Amelia took time before adapting to motherhood and even considered getting an abortion when she first learned she was pregnant.

But with Charity and Noah Dingle's support, she accepted motherhood and gave birth to her daughter in their presence.

Seeing Samson making efforts, she has wanted to believe he has the best intentions – despite Noah's doubts.

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Will she make a twisted discovery about Samson?

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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