Emmerdale fans ‘predict’ Arthur’s secret exposed by Nicola’s stepson

Emmerdale: Arthur in tears over dad’s grave

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Arthur Thomas (played by Alfie Clarke) told family friend Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) he was gay during a tender moment on Monday’s instalment of Emmerdale. He told Nicola he was not ready for his friends or family members to know and she promised she would keep quiet. Little did they know her stepson Elliot Windsor (Luca Hoyle) overheard their conversation, with viewers believing he will tell everyone before Arthur is ready. 

Arthur has been struggling with his emotions during the last few episodes of Emmerdale, acting like he’s had the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

When Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) approached Arthur, the youngster told the vicar he feared he was letting his devout Christian father down. 

Later on, Nicola confronted Arthur while she was minding his younger sister along with her own children. 

She was gentle in her approach and asked why he had fallen out with April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan).

When the other children gave up on their game of hangman to go upstairs, Arthur asked Nicola if she would play a round of the game with him. 

She started guessing the letters of the three-part sentence to work out what Arthur wanted to say. 

Nicola helped him fill in the final letter herself to spell out the words ‘I am gay’. 

The mother embraced Arthur as he broke down in tears by sharing the personal news with her. 

He explained how he was not ready to say the words aloud and she assured him in time he would be able to. 

Nicola promised she would not tell anyone about his sexuality as he did not want anyone to know yet, however she felt his mother Laural Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) would love him just the same. 

Following the sweet moment between the pair, Elliot arrived downstairs and read the hangman sentence and saw Arthur crying on Nicola. 

Arthur and Nicola were unaware Elliot had worked out what was going on as he quickly snuck back upstairs. 

The scene left many viewers believing Elliot will reveal Arthur’s secret to everyone at school.

@VampLover27 tweeted:” You know that Nicola’s son will now spread it around school #Emmerdale.”

Jilly Gee added: “Poor Arthur it’ll be all over school now, hope he’s going to be OK #emmerdale.” 

Momo said: “Oh no! Her son knows now and I bet he’s going to tell the others at school #Emmerdale.” 

Beppa remarked: “Yup he’s going to blab and Nicola will get the blame #Emmerdale.” 

Pam added: “Oh no! Arthur will think Nicola has betrayed him #Emmerdale.”

Dan commented: “Isn’t it sad that we still live in a world where Arthur has to come out like that? Not something straight people ever have to deal with #Emmerdale.” 

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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