Emmerdale fans baffled by Will transformation ahead of Malone death exposé

Emmerdale fans were perplexed this evening as they witnessed Will Taylor's character transform before their eyes.

The former convict is currently unaware his mortal enemy, DI Malone, has been murdered, and spent tonight's episode panicking over his return.

Will joined the show as a drug-dealing gangster and even attempted murder at one point.

However, during tonight's episode, fans could hardly recognize the one-time bad boy, as he fretted over Malone.

Branding Will a "coward," viewers mused over his unexpected transformation, wondering what had happened.

One said: "#Emmerdale they've really changed the Will character around from a threatening thug to a 2nd class wimp."

A second added: "Will is losing the plot, ain't he?'

And a third chimed: "How did Will go from trying to murder someone to being a coward?"

Rousing Dawn Taylor's suspicions, Will phoned up an old pal, and insisted he had been simply dialing the mystery man for a chat.

However, hours later she happened upon him exchanging a package with the anonymous bloke, saying: "Nice one pal."

Immediately assuming the worst, Dawn demanded: "What's in the bag?"

Resorting to his old tricks, Will tried to fob her off with a series of lies, saying: "I’ve said it's nowt alright?"

Seeing through his lies, Dawn replied: "Stop saying it's nowt! Doesn’t look like that from where I’m standing. Tell me it's not a gun."

However, Will has no idea his daughter is hiding a lie of her own – she murdered DI Malone in self-defence.

How will he react when he discovers the truth?

Emmerdale airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm.

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