Emmerdale Christmas spoilers: Death explosion, Meena murder and dead body

Emmerdale is a hotbed of death and murder this Christmas as Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) is caught and goes on a rampage – but who is set to die?

Elsewhere, Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) actions cause an explosion that rips through the Woolpack, while Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) is left to die with Kyle.

Still not enough death for you? Well, Kim Tate (Claire King) is also casually moving corpses – to impress her crush.

Erm, Happy Christmas!

Christmas Day

We wish you a Meena Christmas

Meena reports Dawn to Social Services, before a horrified Manpreet grabs Meena’s phone and kills the call. Meena is outraged to have been caught in the act but decides to play the concerned neighbour. Manpreet appears to soften, but, upon Meena’s exit, Manpreet reassesses the situation.

As Will approaches Malone’s grave with Kim, he is alarmed to find it freshly dug up and worries that, if Kim really did hear something incriminating, this could be part of her revenge. But she reveals that she removed the corpse so that Will no longer feels tethered to her – he can decide whether he stays or goes.

Will appears touched by the gesture and it later becomes clear that he has made his decision when he proposes to Kim. How will Bernice react?

Bob and Marlon hatch a plan to get April and Cathy speaking again.

As Harriet heads home, she takes one last look at St. Mary’s and removes her dog collar, bracing herself for her new future.

Still reeling from his beating yesterday, Al gets a threatening message from Gavin and is later disturbed to catch Gavin talking to Ellis.

Feeling the pressure, Al gazes back at The Woolpack and comes up with a plan to get out of this nightmare.

Boxing Day

Al’s chestnuts roast on an open fire

The explosion at the Woolpack leads to devastating consequences and as the village reels, thoughts turn to revenge.

Dawn is thrown into a state of panic.

Monday December 27

Taking the Mack

Ryan third wheels as a loved-up Charity and Mack relax, half-dressed, on the sofa.

Lydia is excited and Billy is reeling.

Tuesday December 28


Vinny investigates using his murder board to try and figure out the truth about what happened.

Mack is gutted after harsh words from Charity and Jai gets bad news.

Wednesday December 29

Charity starts at home

Charity is left reeling when she spots a face from the past, while she is in the middle of a row with Mack.

Ellis invites Belle and Kyle on a day out while Nate struggles.

Thursday December 30

Cold shoulder

Belle enjoys her day with Ellis but he soon has to rush off to an emergency as Priya faces a crisis.

When Kyle is then injured, he and Belle find themselves trapped in the woods as the temperatures drop.

Nate and Tracy are loved up but a turn of events will wreck their joy.

New Year’s Eve

New year, new start

Billy proposes to an unsuspecting Dawn as they look to the future together.

Nate is left broken as the consequences of his actions have damaging results.

Cain is left furious by what has happened to Belle and Kyle.

Monday January 3

Cain of my life

Cain is angered when Nate reveals Tracy kicked him out for cheating and refuses to let him stay with him. As Cain’s underlying rage comes close to boiling over, distraught, Nate returns to Tug Ghyll in an attempt to pick up his stuff and visit his daughter but is turned away by a fuming Vanessa.

In the hospital, Cain worries about Kyle and in a fit of rage, orders Marlon to evict Ellis from Tall Trees – thus beginning a war between the Dingles and the Chapmans.

Charity’s thrown when Vanessa announces that she’s staying in the village for good.

Tuesday January 4

Nate a lot of fun

Tracy’s hurt that Nate hasn’t tried to see Frankie. Vanessa comfort her, uneasily hiding Nate’s attempted visit yesterday.

Nate and Moira worry about what Cain’s  got planned for Ellis. Meanwhile, Cain goes searching for Ellis. That night, out on the moors, Cain abandons a terrified Ellis in the middle of nowhere as retribution for putting Kyle in hospital.

Wednesday January 5


Out on the moors, a freezing Ellis is curled up on the floor with bloodied, bare feet. Meanwhile, Al and Billy worry about Ellis’ whereabouts after realising that he didn’t show up to the B&B last night and Belle reveals that she last saw Ellis with Cain.

Al angrily confronts Cain and accuses him of harming Ellis but Cain holds his nerve and is able to feign accountability.

Later, Cain is sickened to find Al watching Kyle sleep in his hospital room. Al implicitly threatens Kyle as he warns Cain to stop playing games.

Vanessa’s busted when a mortified Tracy overhears her telling Charity that she stopped Nate from seeing Tracy. How will Tracy react?

Charity and Vanessa also clash over Johnny.

Thursday January 6 Part One

A new day Dawns

Lucas accidentally finds out about his mum’s engagement and the couple finally agree to share the news with their families. 

Jai’s blindsided by the threat of a massive fine.

Thursday January 6 Part Two

Where there’s a Will…

Will worries that Dawn’s engagement was too hasty, but Dawn reassures him that she loves Billy and that he makes her feel safe.

Friday January 7

Al get you back

Cain’s loathing for Al deepens.

Jai suggests that Priya should ask Leyla if she can go back to work but Priya wonders whether she is ready.

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