Emmerdale Caleb’s link to Al Chapman ‘exposed’ by fans as they twig revenge plot

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    Emmerdale fans are sure they have worked out newcomer Caleb's true motive – after 'exposing' his connection to the late Al Chapman.

    Al died after being shot by Kyle Winchester in the barn after a grapple with Cain Dingle, and Cain is currently behind bars for the murder. But Caleb has offered to help free his biological brother and promised to get Kyle away scot-free.

    Caleb has also taken an interest in his sister Chas, questioning her about her affair with Al and marriage to Paddy.

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    But could he have an ulterior motive?

    Some fans certainly think so, and have suggested Caleb spent time in the same foster family as Al did when growing up.

    The men are both around the same age, and both spent time with adoptive parents after being given up by their biological families – Caleb after being born to Faith in prison.

    Now, taking to Twitter, one fan suggested: "Calling it now; Caleb will turn out to be Al's foster brother from when he was in care. He'll be there for revenge against Cain for 'killing Al'."

    Another agreed: "Now that's an interesting thought!" while a third social media user echoed: "They are about the same age! Caleb’s up to something I can feel it."

    While another fan confirmed Caleb's intentions "aren't clear" quite yet, writing: "Moira is being sucked in by Caleb? How does she know that he can be trusted? Cain is right Moira needs to tread carefully around Caleb. His intentions ain't clear just yet!"

    However, someone else suggested a different twist altogether, suggesting: "Am I the only one who thinks Caleb in @emmerdale will take the wrap for the Al Chapman murder to prove his loyalty to Cain?"

    It comes after Caleb star Will Ash teased that his character could in fact be out for revenge.

    He told Daily Star: "He comes in having this really kind of dark and tortured backstory of having been put into care as a child.

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    "He comes into it with a lot of bitterness and a lot of anger."

    The actor went on: "Initially, when he comes in, even though he's got an axe to grind with him, he wants to connect with his family.

    "To connect with Cain and with Chas, he wants to have a relationship even though there is a kind of simmering resentment and bitterness."

    And the star concluded: "He's very, very kind of charming and open and wanting to just make a connection with his family because they're going through quite a lot.

    "He comes in and kind of really helps them deal with all that they're dealing with. But you can't help but think there is something else going on."


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