Ellen DeGeneres: Meghan Markle ‘wedding invite rejection’ quip unearthed

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Ellen DeGeneres, 62, has hit the headlines in recent months over former staff members’ complaints about workplace bullying. Amid the claims, an archive clip resurfaced that showed her making jokes about Meghan Markle’s time on the show ‘Deal or No Deal’. She quipped that Prince Harry could have won a “million dollars” – in reference to the money inside her box on the popular programme. In another interview, DeGeneres heard the cheeky quip from a celebrity who claimed he had turned down an invite to the Royal Wedding. 

‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Howie Mandel appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ as part of a promo for the competition’s new season – but soon the conversation turned to Meghan. 

He worked alongside her on ‘Deal or No Deal’ and quipped that “of course” he could remember her – as a photograph of the royal flashed on screen. 

Mandel said: “No I do, I do remember her…I remembered saying ‘Open the case’ and I remember all the girls saying ‘Who?’

“I said ‘The one who’s going to be the future Duchess’ – I remember saying that.”

DeGeneres then asked if he attended their 2018 nuptials at St George’s Chapel in Windsor – to which he joked that he turned down their request for him to make an appearance.

With a serious face, Mandel said: “I was invited, I was called, they called me, Meghan called me! 

“Meghan gave me the date and everything and said ‘Would you like to come?’ And I honestly said ‘No!’ 

“It didn’t feel right, I didn’t want to and they called me again and they said ‘Please come?’ and I said ‘Nah, nah!’ that’s basically the whole story.

“But what I did was…I celebrated alone at home because when they have these big royal celebrations there’s a lot of paraphernalia…”

Mandel reached down into a bag that featured pictures of iconic London things like red telephone boxes and buses, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and more.

From there he pulled out a number of British and Royal Family memorabilia.

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Mandel said: “Here I got you some stuff. This is the stuff. I stayed at home alone because I wanted to be comfortable.”

He continued to unpack more and more items – including Harry and Meghan emblazoned mugs, British flags, napkins and more – so much that DeGeneres was unable to hold it all. 

Mandel concluded: “So I just sat on the couch and bought all of this stuff, I sat on the couch and surrounded myself and I just [had] all the stuff.”

The claims, which were said with a serious face, confused a number of viewers who believed it was true and led the star to set the record straight later that year. 

Mandel confessed that he wasn’t invited to the Royal Wedding during a December 2018 episode of ‘Dr Oz’.

He claimed to be unable to remember Meghan from her time on the show and was surprised when he saw her photograph in publications – when she got engaged to Prince Harry.

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