EastEnders viewers weigh in on Keanu and Sharon's blackmailer reveal

Tonight’s (October 23) visit to the East End was as shocking as it was heartfelt, with Dot worrying over Doctor Legg’s hospital visit and Keanu/Sharon’s mystery blackmailer finally being uncovered.

In a rather upsetting turn of events, Doctor Legg revealed to Dot tonight that he’d “decided a long time ago” what he wanted to do in regards to his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, which had viewers preparing to mourn an EastEnders icon.

But the biggest drama of the night was left until the last few minutes of the episode, as Keanu realised that his and Sharon’s blackmailer was a little closer to home than they’d thought.

With Sharon sending Keanu a break-up text whilst sat in the kitchen – conveniently soundtracked to ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell on the radio – the scene then edged upstairs as Louise wrote out a threatening message to her step-mum, which finally confirmed that Louise had been the culprit this whole time.

While a lot of EastEnders fans had guessed something like this may be coming, there were plenty of Twitter folk who were still shocked by tonight’s unveiling.

However, Louise’s unmasking as the sneaky culprit did seem to have been predicted by a considerable number of viewers.

Even we thought that Louise was a very likely candidate in our round-up of suspects, so it wasn’t long before those who’d figured it out in advance weighed in on the twist on Twitter too:

With Keanu now aware of what Louise has been up to, is the game up? Or is she going to tell Phil what she knows?

EastEnders continues on Thursday, October 25 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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