EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell to murder Jack Branning in Keanu twist?

Under Phil Mitchell’s (played by Steve McFadden) smooth dome are spiky dreams of violent revenge on the man who he believes has bedded his wife Sharon (Letitia Dean), but in his race to exact his own form of justice, he could end up killing an innocent member of the community.

In an upcoming episode Phil will be seen handling a gun, as he plans for revenge on the man who has strayed into this marriage and marital bad.

All the warnings Lisa (Lucy Benjamin) has given have finally forced those Mitchell cogs to tick, and he is becoming convinced that Sharon has been unfaithful.

He has a good idea, too, of the identity of the man who has done the dirty on him.

Unfortunately, the Mitchell cogs haven’t turned far enough, as he instead has fingered the wrong man for the affair.


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Unable to contain the truth any longer and overcome at the funeral of her best friend Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite), she blurted out in public that Sharon had been having an affair.

Phil is now brooding over the public humiliation and the thought that she may well be telling the truth, as he has sensed that something isn’t right.

Incredibly, he has even asked Keanu (Danny Walters) to tell him the truth – which stopped his heart dead, thinking that Phil had realised he is the man having the affair with Sharon and is also her baby’s father.

Instead, Phil asked him to be honest and tell him if he knew anything at all, calling that opportunity his “last and only chance”.

Keanu, wisely, didn’t admit he is the father to Louise’s (Tilly Keeper) baby and also Sharon’s baby.

However, his cowardice could well have bloody repercussions for another local, as Phil starts to consider the suspects.

And there is one local bloke who stands out more than anyone else – Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

Phil noticed how Jack had been consoling Sharon at Mel’s funeral, his attention seeming to be more than a friend help another friend grieve.

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His suspicions then donned a deerstalker and smoked a pipe, as he spotted Jack and Sharon having a cosy conversation in the cafe, with them even holding hands on the table.

Soon Phil is set to be certain that it’s Jack who is having it away with Sharon, without even so much as suspecting Keanu.

Could Phil work himself into such a state that he uses that gun on Jack to take his revenge?

And might Keanu stand by and allow an innocent man to cop it, so it’s not him who ends up six feet under?


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There is always the chance, too, that this is the set-up for a bleak Christmas in the Mitchell household, as Phil realises he’s shot and killed an innocent man and that Sharon’s lover had been stood side-by-side with him all along.

The whole Mitchell clan could come tumbling down in the aftermath – might this be the end of the road for the family in Walford?

There’s a strong chance that Louise will depart the square as well, on learning what has happened between Keanu and Sharon.

EastEnders continues on BBC One tonight at 8pm.

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