EastEnders’ George star drops clue he’s the ‘dead body’ in murder twist

EastEnders George Knight star Colin Salmon dropped a major hint that he could be the 'dead body' in the soap.

The show is currently teasing a huge Christmas storyline for the end of the year – as one male character loses his life this festive season.

Colin was keen to get the rumour mill in motion by teasing the fact it could likely be him as he donned the same cuff links as the 'dead boy' was wearing in the scene.

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The soap star chatted exclusively to the Daily Star on the National Television Awards red carpet.

Talking about his character's pending future, Colin said: "George is a good man he makes mistakes but he's not afraid to hold his hands up and he loves his girls.

"But here's a little clue for you, my cuff links. The dead body is wearing those cuff links, and there are a few of us wearing them tonight.

"So watch out for those cuff links – it's a clue, so ask everyone to show us your cuff links."

But does he want George and Cindy to get back together? And are there any more twists and turns between them to come?

He answered: "There will never not be any twists, it's going to be complex, and Michelle is a fantastic actor.

"I want him to be a good man for my girls and I think everyone wants that but I see a lot of women say 'Please don't'. And I think it's interesting to hear, if you think about it would you really want him to go back?"

However, he then revealed that he has some striking similarities to George, as they've "both got kids and two daughters".

Though he was quick to point out their difference saying he "doesn't box" but "there's a bit of me in there".

In regards to his future on the show, Colin added: "I just hope the story stays authentic and really explains simple things as well.

"It shouldn't always be massive things but the day-to-day stuff with Gina and Anna too."

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