EastEnders fans in tears as Nancy Carter is dumped by Zack Hudson – and plans to flee Walford

EASTENDERS fans are in tears for Nancy Carter after Zack Hudson broke up with her – and she decided to leave Walford.

The personal trainer – who is played by actress Maddie Hill in the BBC soap – broke down in tears after Zack told her they were better off as friends.

She had no idea her dad Mick had forced Zack to break up with her after discovering he was partially responsible for her hit and run.

Zack was in the car with Nancy’s sister Frankie when she ran her over accidentally – and he made her cover it up.

However Mick’s plan backfired – and Nancy was left heartbroken and decided she couldn’t stay in Walford.

Crying on her dad’s shoulder, she told him: “Sorry I should've listened to you, anyway I'm going travelling. 

“There's nothing keeping me here – I may as well enjoy myself. I have to do something. 

“We've only just started seeing each other and it's already gone wrong. I didn't think it was serious and now I've realised I actually really like him. 

“I should've seen it coming really – look at me – I'm 27, divorced and living with my parents. 

“What's wrong with me? There was this moment this morning when we were waking up, it was like five seconds and I just felt so calm. 

“I actually thought I feel really happy right now – I'm such an idiot. I just want one nice thing to happen to me just once.”

Viewers were heartbroken for her.

One wrote: "'I'm 27, I'm Divorced & I'm living with my parents. What's wrong with me? There was this moment when we woke up & I just felt happy. It lasted for like 5 seconds. I just want one nice thing to happen to me, just once" Aw Nancy #Eastenders"

A second said:  "I'm sad for Nancy."

Another added: "I don't think I wana be friends with someone like you" Aw Nancy #Eastenders," followed by a crying emoji.

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