EastEnders fans baffled as they spot something very wrong with Kush Kazemi's funeral plans

EASTENDERS fans are left baffled after noticing something strange about Kush Kazemi's funeral plans.

The former stall owner, played by Davood Ghadami, made his last appearance in Albert Square after he was pushed in front of a train and killed by evil Gray Atkins.

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Whitney Dean, who Kush was planning to run away with, is his grieving his loss and discussed planning his funeral with Sonia and Martin in Thursday's episode.

However, viewers were confused as to why it was left to Whit plan Kush's sendoff, as they had only been together for a short period of time.

They took to Twitter as one asked: "Whitney’s doing his funeral?! #eastenders."

Another viewer fumed: "Whitney was with Kush for five minutes and acts like she’s more entitled to decide his funeral than his mother. Wind your neck in, Whit #EastEnders."

A third fan added: "Course you don’t know what he wants Whitney. You were only together 2 weeks."

While anther wrote: "Man Whitney Dean is being a right drama queen, she’d been with Kush about 2 weeks and he was her third fiancé, how’s she going to tell his mum she can’t bury her son where she wants too #Eastenders."

Whitney stood outside her house and admired the flowers that had been laid in honour of Kush.

She then said tearfully: "We should be planning our wedding now," before admitting: "I don’t know what he wanted. A Muslim funeral or something else."

Thankfully Martin, who lost his best mate, came to the rescue and revealed he and Kush had talked about it "because of Covid."

He then reassured Whit: "We helped sort each other’s wills out," he explained, reminding her, "You’re not alone in this."

Sonia, who returned to the Square last week following a lengthy absence, added: "Come on, let’s sort this funeral out."

Kush doesn't have any family left in the square, but it was later revealed that his mother Carmel wanted his body flown to Dubai rather than return to Walford for the funeral.

This puzzled Whitney as she asked: "But why?" We're engaged. She knows we're engaged."

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