EastEnders’ Eve theories – Suki betrayal, Christmas murder and affair exposed

EastEnders' Eve Unwin has become a fan favourite since making her first appearance back in 2021.

Eve, played by Heather Peace, recently began a steamy affair with Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) which has now developed into a love story.

But things never run smoothly in Albert Square as Suki remains trapped in a marriage with her abusive husband, Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry), who made his debut in September 2022 following 20 years in prison.

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In recent episodes, Eve turned to Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and revealed she was willing to turn informant to bring Nish down.

While Suki couldn't get on board with Eve's plans as she believed Vinny would get caught in the crossfire, Nish made the ultimate betrayal during Thursday's episode (April 13) and left Suki with no choice.

But while Suki risks everything in her plans to take down Nish, it's Eve who could end up paying the price.

Eve death

One of the more common theories surrounding Eve and her plan with Nish results in her death.

Nish's dark streak has continually seeped out since he arrived in the square and the villain has proved on many occasions that he will go to extreme lengths to keep his hold on Suki.

The criminal already spent 20 years in prison for the murder of a man whom he thought was harbouring feelings for Suki.

So if he discovers Eve's affair with his wife, or better yet her plot to take him down, it's unlikely he would hesitate to remove her.

Taking to Reddit with their theories, one fan wrote: "I definitely think Nish will kill Eve. Its inevitable, in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong because Eve is brilliant."

Another added: "I have a feeling Nish will attempt murder. Eve: because of her relationship with Suki and her sexuality. If he's unaware of the relationship, he could see her as a busy body sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. (Like when Tina confronted Grey)."

While a third theorized: "If Nish killed another man who he thought was getting to close to Suki and willingly served those 20 yrs w/o remorse, he would definitely do whatever it took to get Eve out of the way."

Christmas murder victim

EastEnders recently sent fans into a frenzy after an episode marking the soap's 38th anniversary ended with a flashforward to Christmas 2023, where six of Walford’s matriarchs stood around a dead body in the Queen Vic.

The scene shows Denise, Sharon, Linda, Kathy, Suki and Stacey, now nicknamed, The Six, looking on in horror as they gather around the lifeless body of an unidentified man.

Theories have been circulating about who the mystery man could be, with several fans suggesting a whodunnit plot with Nish as the victim.

The villain seems like an obvious choice, given that he’s made several enemies in the Square and has become loathed amongst fans.

And while one of The Six has been tipped to be the killer, others believe Eve could be the culprit.

Sharing their theories online, one fan suggested Eve could be the killer, adding: "Would possibly want Nish out of the way so she and Suki could be together".

"Eve to kill Nish!" proclaimed another viewer.

A third added: "Nish killing Eve seems too obvious, so Eve killing Nish, or being framed for killing him might be one way things go."

Another suggested Nish could be murdered in a plot to protect Eve.

"I like the theory that the ladies kill Nish to protect Suki, but what about if it's to protect Eve? When Nish finds out about #Sukeve he will want to kill Eve, so maybe they stop him. Stacey had blood on her hands & she'd want to protect Eve; that's for sure. #EastEnders."

Suki and Eve ending

EastEnders fans have become besotted with the Suki and Eve affair-turned-love story and have been speculating how things will play out.

"Hoping Nish is killed off and Eve gets her girl. would love to see a mature sensible gay relationship with two women EE can do these things so well," shared one user.

While viewers pray the couple get their happy ending, some aren't so sure and have theorised a devastating conclusion to the story.

A second suggested: "Gonna end in tragedy either way, no way will EE allow them to have a happy ending".

"I think it’s going to be a tragic love story – Eve will die somehow. Like Ronnie, Suki won’t ever be allowed to be happy," echoed a third person.

Affair exposed

Affairs are a staple in soaps and the steamy tryst between Suki and Eve has kept fans well and truly on their toes.

But viewers know it's only a matter of time before their is exposed to Nish and the rest of the square, with the reveal no doubt set to be an explosive one.

However, fans believe the affair may not come as a surprise to one person as they have speculated that Nish already knows that his wife is cheating on him.

In February, Nish, with the help of Eve, managed to get Suki to unknowingly sign away 50% of her businesses to Vinny and this was enough to make fans think he knew more than he was letting on.

"I got the vibe from todays episode that Nish knows something is up," one user wrote on Reddit.

Another agreed: "Yeah tonight's episode seems to have been a "all cards on the table moment" for Nish. He made his play. Eve and Suki fell for it."

"Nish knows about sukeve but never intends to kill Eve. He told Suki he would kill anyone who came between them right? And she immediately got back with him when 5 mins before she'd been saying she wants a divorce. Now he knew there must be someone…"

As someone else posted: "Can’t tell if nish knows about suki and eve still..," another responded: "Oh I think he does, that's why he had Eve trick her into signing those forms. He's now created a huge divide that he's capitalising on."

Suki betrayal

A new theory surrounding the Christmas murder is that The Six are actually covering up the crime for someone else, with fans speculating that Vinny will end up murdering his dad to protect Suki.

One theorised: " It should be Vinny! He’ll begin to (hopefully) realise his mistake in letting Nish live on the square and possibly kill him to protect Suki."

Another suggested that Suki could go to extreme lengths to prevent her son from going to prison.

They wrote: "I feel Vinny will eventually take Nish out & Suki will do something major to avoid another kid going to prison. Also cause Vinny was the original one meant to go to prison. I feel it! #EastEnders."

Someone else believes Suki could even go as far as letting Eve take the fall, writing: "I’m still putting down money that Vinny is going to be the one that eventually kills Nish due to him being abusive to Suki & … plz forgive … Suki let’s Eve take the fall cause she can’t lose another kid to prison."

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