EastEnders Ben Mitchell’s brutal plan for Phil – threatening entire family

Ben made a comeback to Walford earlier last month, now played by new face Max Bowden.

Things have been promising for the Mitchell family since Ben’s return, especially his dad Phil, who was there to defend Ben when Danny (played by Paul Usher) demanded his money.

However, despite the united front it wasn’t long before many saw that Ben had a secret to hide.

Ben is set to betray his dad Phil, who is already under pressure from a few other neighbours in the square.

Danny and Midge are both trying to scam Phil in a money laundering venture, as well as Mel, who wants in on Phil’s funds too.

The secret plan will see Phil betrayed in an act that could send the Mitchell family into a meltdown.

Rumour has it, Lola is also in on the plan with Ben, throwing yet a another spanner in the works.

Ben invites Phil for dinner where he tells his dad they can rebuild the Mitchell empire together.

This comes after Phil chose to confide in Jay, his step son, about his money troubles, suggesting Ben’s jealousy has got the better of him.

At a time where Phil is stuck in a sticky situation, Will Ben’s betrayal be too much to handle?

EastEnders continues tonight at 7pm on BBC.

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