Dominic West's wife bans Lily James from house after pictures of them cosying up in Italy

SHE had to put up with seeing her husband cuddle up to someone half her age while hundreds of miles from home.

So I can hardly blame Dominic West’s wife Catherine FitzGerald for steering well clear of his new romantic drama The Pursuit Of Love.

Dominic was snapped cosying up to his co-star in the Beeb period drama, Lily James, while filming in Rome last October.

Unbelievably, if admirably, Catherine weathered the storm and has stayed with him.

But friends of the pair tell me things have become more tense since the show debuted on May 9.

To make matters worse, pictures are circulating almost daily of Lily looking impossibly glamorous as Pamela Anderson in a new show about the Baywatch actress and Nineties sex symbol.

A pal of the couple revealed: “Catherine has been incredibly strong since the pictures of Dominic and Lily came to light.

“But now it feels like it’s all coming back to her, with The Pursuit Of Love on TV and Lily filming as Pamela.

“Catherine is avoiding social media and any websites where she might see the pictures.

“No woman wants to see the woman her husband made a move on. But when that woman is as glamorous as Lily, it feels ten times worse. There is no Pursuit Of Love on in the background at their house on a Sunday evening, either.

“It’s banned. Catherine has been a model of strength and after everything chose to stand by Dominic. She has been nothing but devoted but this has all made the situation far more tense.

“She will celebrate her 50th birthday this week and is trying to focus as much as she can on that.” I hope Dominic has got her a big present.

Catherine, a landscape gardener, said the couple had had their “ups and downs” but added: “We are totally devoted to each other and to our full, vibrant family life together.”

She certainly knows how to look on the bright side.

RiRi looks one in 37m

RIHANNA steps out with the tiniest of handbags for someone who earns such a very fat wad.

Latest figures show the Wild Thoughts singer’s UK fashion company is now worth more than £27million.

She wore a matching miniskirt and bra top as she dined with friends at upmarket LA sushi restaurant Nobu.

But the pricey sashimi and booze will have been no issue for RiRi’s bank balance, and indeed she could well have shouted the bill for her mates too, as latest accounts for her Denim UK Holdings show assets of £27,309,757.

She set it up in 2018 to handle the deal between her fashion label Fenty and Louis Vuitton – and a parent company based in the Cayman Islands is believed to have yet more millions in it.

No wonder she’s in no rush to book another money-spinning tour.

Ariana’s wedding tweet

ARIANA Grande went cuckoo trying to prevent anyone finding out about her wedding at the weekend – including playing loud bird noises to stop people hearing her vows.

I told today how the superstar had wed estate agent Dalton Gomez at their home in the ultra- exclusive area of Montecito, California, and in the end it was her precautions that gave the game away.

A source said: “The street was teaming with activity and loads of temporary hedges and trees were brought in to try to stop anyone from being able to see inside.

“There were deliveries all day and a speaker playing bird sounds on to the street so that no one would be able to hear what was going on. It was kind of obvious that it was more than just a casual party because everything was so over the top.”

Ariana and Dalton got hitched after almost 18 months together, having gone into lockdown as a couple last year after only weeks of dating.

It has been a difficult few years for Ariana – a suicide bomber struck at Manchester Arena in 2017 after her concert and her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died in 2018.

I’m so glad she is finally in a better place.

Mark's a drug dope

I’VE always wondered why Mark Ronson sounded like he’s about to fall asleep and perhaps now I know why.

The hit-making producer has opened up about his experiences on multiple drugs, including acid and mushrooms.

He said: “I can’t count to five on acid because I get so distracted. There’s shapes and things that are morphing in front of my eyes.

“Most of my rap friends smoked weed.” But he was “in shock” when one rapper spoke about Molly – ecstasy – in the mid 2000s.

“I was sort of ignorant. I was like, ‘Wait, you do rave drugs?’,” Mark said.

Rather shockingly, he went on to say in his new podcast The Fader Uncovered: “Now I kind of love that everyone does everything.

“I’m certainly not condoning or encouraging but mind-expanding drugs shouldn’t belong to one genre of music.”


IT'S one of the greatest songs ever written but Noel Gallagher hates his 1995 monster hit Wonderwall.

The OASIS rocker says the Britpop classic, from the band’s second album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, wasn’t even finished when it was released as a single.

Asked why the tune became so popular, Noel said: “I have no idea. It beggars belief.

“Wonderwall is one of my least favourite songs because it’s not finished.”

He told Mojo magazine: “If I could somehow twist time and go back there, I would pick a different song for our calling card – probably Some Might Say.”

Regardless of what its creator says, Wonderwall has racked up a billion-plus streams on Spotify and has shifted millions more copies.

So poor Noel will have people asking him to play it for years to come.

Win situation there, Heidi

HEIDI Klum and Winnie Harlow led the charge back on to the real-life red carpet at the second night of the MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles.

The models posed together ahead of the reality TV section of the awards on Monday evening.

Unfortunately for Heidi there were no wins for America’s Got Talent, on which she is a judge, because it was RuPaul's Drag Race which was the big winner on the night.

It scooped three gongs, including Best Competition Series and Best Host.

Paris Hilton also made her way to the event, glowing in bright yellow, despite not having been nominated for anything.

She’s a girl after my own heart, is Paris.

I’m also snapping up every invitation I can get my hands on.

Make love-in a safe bet says JLS JB

WHEN I announced JLS’s new record deal and reunion tour in March, I expected to see the return of bops and backflips  . . .  but not branded condoms.

However JB Gill reckons the band’s infamous 2010 Just Love Safe campaign – which saw the faces of JB and bandmates Aston Merrygold, Oritse Williams and Marvin Humes plastered on condom boxes – should make a return as the nation limbers up for a post-lockdown love-in.

Asked if there was scope for a comeback, pop star-cum-farmer JB said: “Yeah. I say to my wife at the moment – it probably shouldn’t be much of a joke but – I’m glad I’m married.

“Sexual health is incredibly important for anybody sexually active.

“If you have people like us, who are perhaps influential, we have an ability to pass on something we feel is important. If the cap fits, wear it.

“That’s something we look back on with pride. People had their views but we want to have a positive impact and make change.”

JB and his dancer wife Chloe Tangney have son Ace, six, and daughter Chiara, two.

Another gratifying campaign JB has got involved with is Organix baby food’s Good for planet, Good for me scheme to get babies, toddlers and preschoolers eating a wide variety of fruit and veggies.

JB said: “We know how important healthy eating is to our bodies, our minds and also the planet.

“My son will regularly go into the fridge and pick up a carrot as a snack. But what we try to do for children applies just as much to adults.

“JLS dance a lot in our routines. You have to have good energy and be eating correctly. But you know, I don’t think we’re too far out of shape. We’ve kept on to it pretty well. It will just be fine tuning.”

I suppose JB’s message to parents and non-parents is the same: respect your aubergine.


ALL I Wanna Do singer Sheryl Crow is to do a special livestream gig on June 18.

She said: “Doing a solo show like this is challenging. Presenting these songs in a new way is exciting for me.

“This is not a typical acoustic show, those can be great, but this is something different.” Get tickets at

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