Doctor Who: Sacha Dhawan admits he was ‘sad’ to land part as Doctor’s nemesis The Master

Doctor Who: Sacha Dhawan gives history of the Master

Doctor Who fans saw Sacha Dhawan portray the latest incarnation of The Master last year, delivering a gripping performance as his alter-ego made it his mission to terrify The Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) and delivered her many home truths. Fans of the BBC drama praised Dhawan for his portrayal of The Doctor’s ultimate nemesis but the actor has now spoken out on why he felt “sad” when he learnt he had landed the lucrative role. 

The Doctor was horrified to meet-up with The Master back in epic two-parter Spyfall at the beginning of season 12. 

He had befriended The Doctor and her companions disguised as an MI6 spy known as O. 

But it later emerged he wasn’t who he seemed and he put them all in grave danger.

After leaving the gang plunging to the ground in a falling plane, it was obvious The Master would be a firm presence in the whole season.

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He revealed The Doctor was not from her home planet of Gallifrey as she once believed and turned her world upside-down.

The Master met an epic demise at the end of the season as The Doctor took on the Cybermen.

Now, actor Sacha Dhawan has opened up on his reservations after having won the part.

The star explained: “My agent was ecstatic. The BBC was ecstatic. I put the phone down and I couldn’t have felt more sad.”

He went on to detail his concerns over the role due to feeling an immense amount of pressure not to “f**k it up.”

Sacha commented: “I would be the first British South Asian actor to play The Master. 

“So I’m kind of representing not only the Whoniverse but my community. 

“And if I f**k this up, they aren’t going to be casting another South Asian actor for this,” he told the Guardian. 

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Sacha went on to admit he found it hard to keep confident on-set as he struggled with anxiety. 

He continued: “The saddest thing in this business is that no-one will know if you have something like anxiety, because you always have to have this confidence on set.

“No-one will know you’ve been sitting in your trailer, not eating your lunch because you’re trying to sleep because you want to switch the anxiety off. 

“The heartache “I’d go through before a scene – worrying that I wouldn’t deliver – was traumatic.”

The latest version of the character was highly-praised and fans will be hoping they may see Dhawan back for more drama from his character. 

Season 12 ended with the Cybermen being given an upgrade, fusing the Cyberium with the Master to create powerful Time Lord Cybermen.

But after an explosion appeared to destroy The Master and the new race of Cybermen, it seemed as though it may be curtains for the baddies.

However, with many fans thinking The Master is sure to make a return after not seeing a death on-screen, could he be back to terrorise The Doctor in the future?

Doctor Who seasons 1-12 can be streamed on BBC iPlayer now. 

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