Doc Martin Christmas Special release time on Christmas Day

Doc Martin: Clunes reveals mishap while filming final episode

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The Doc Martin festive instalment, Last Christmas in Portwenn, will be the last time fans will see Men Behaving Badly actor Martin Clunes reprising his role of the famous grumpy doctor. The drama first started airing in 2004 and took a three-year break thanks to COVID-19 in 2019. Doc Martin’s final season finished in October but his story isn’t over just yet.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Doc Martin Christmas Special.

What time is Doc Martin Christmas Special on?

The Doc Martin Christmas Special is going to air at 9.05pm on Christmas Day on ITV.

Shortly after its broadcast, the episode is going to be made available for those wanting to catch up on the channel’s streaming service, ITVX.

As it is Christmas, the special will be a feature-length with a running time of 90 minutes.

Going by the episode’s description, it doesn’t sound like the residents of the Cornish fishing village are going to have a very Merry Christmas.

As season 10 reached its conclusion, Doc Martin (played by Martin Clunes) decided he would stay in Portwenn with his wife and children for Christmas.

Unfortunately, it isn’t too long before he ruins everyone’s fun as he closes down Santa’s grotto, believing that Father Christmas has a contagious illness.

But by doing so, he has made himself an unpopular figure once again, this time, with the children of Portwenn and his own son James (Elliot Blake).

Their stay in Cornwall isn’t exactly going too well for Louisa (Caroline Catz) either.

She attempts to organise a lantern parade but Agatha Higgins has plans to shut it down, believing it to be a health and safety issue.

So it’s not looking like a very good Christmas for Martin, Louisa, or the rest of the town for that matter.

Speaking of the episode, Clunes told ITV: “You can imagine the doctor isn’t too keen on Christmas for his own tortured reasons.

“It’s never stopped making me laugh, I don’t know why because if it was a real person who had had such an awful upbringing you’d feel nothing but pity for them, but because it is him it just makes me laugh.”

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As lifelong fans will already be aware, this is going to be the last ever episode of Doc Martin.

The comedy-drama is ending after 10 seasons and a total of 79 episodes aired on ITV.

Therefore, there will be no series 11 of Doc Martin to look forward to in the New Year.

Doc Martin’s demise had been planned for quite some time with Clunes announcing the sad news in 2020.

Explaining the reason behind Doc Martin finishing on Loose Women, he said: “All good things have to come to an end.

“And I’m sure there are lots of people who aren’t fans of the show who think it’s terribly repetitive anyway, but we’re at huge pains not to repeat ourselves.

“I just think we’ve sort of done everything. I mean, it would be so great to just sort of carry on, but I don’t think we can keep it as good.”

Doc Martin’s Christmas Special airs at 9.05pm on Christmas Day on ITV.

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