Django’s showrunner speaks on Matthias Schoenaert’s ‘vulnerability’

Django: Sky TV releases trailer for new series

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The latest adaptation of Django premiered on Sky Atlantic in February, with Matthias Schoenaerts starring as the jaded cowboy. Ahead of the release, director Francesca Comencini opened up about re-imagining the 1966 cult classic alongside Matthias as the lead.

Django told the story of the titular character (played by Matthias Schoenaerts) as he ventured to find his long-lost daughter Sara (Lisa Vicari).

During his journey, he stumbled upon New Babylon, a town founded by John Ellis (Nichola Pinnock)

For an opportunity to win a cash prize, Django volunteered to fight the town’s starfighter Isaac Borowka (Slavko Sobin) and much to everyone’s surprise, he defeated him.

Although New Babylon welcomed all outcasts with equality and freedom, Django was demanded to leave the town by morning or he would be killed.

After John noticed he was still sniffing around in the morning, it was then that Django realised Sara was still alive and set to marry John.

Ahead of the premiere, showrunner Francesca Comencini opened up about choosing Matthias Schoenaerts to star as Django.

Francesca revealed: “Matthias is the first one who was Django, we knew almost since the beginning.

“I think that Matthias is first of all a great actor, but also he has this double aspect for me, that Django should have, he’s so strong.

“It’s so impressive as a man with his vulnerability but also he has this crisis inside his eyes.”

The director explained: “I wouldn’t say vulnerability, but kind of an unexpected tenderness, unexpected fragility.

“I think Matthias embodies the double aspect very, very well, it’s not so melancholic but unexpected.

“You could feel the danger and you could feel in some way a tender aspect and fragility, and so he was a really modern cowboy.”

As well as his ability to fight for himself, Django proved he was able to defend others when New Babylon came under attack by Elizabeth (Noomi Rapace).

John was impressed by his skills and invited to stay in the town, despite Sara’s resistance.

After discovering Django was her long-lost father, she wanted him to leave New Babylon and was filled with hatred for him.

Sara blamed her father for the massacre of her entire family who was killed while he was away at war.

While Sara was forced to face hard truths and relive her childhood, elsewhere in the episode viewers saw a different side to Elizabeth.

She was a religion-crazed woman who believed she was doing the will of God.

Alongside her men, she waged war against New Babylon which she believed was full of sinners.

Django continues Wednesdays on Sky Atlantic and is available to stream on Now TV.

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