Disgusting moment naked Below Deck star is fired for sexual misconduct

Two crew members have been sacked from the popular cruise-based reality show Below Deck Down Under, after one of the ship's staff was accused of sexual misconduct.

A recent episode of the show saw bosun Luke Jones climb into the bed of a sleeping Margot Sisson, while he was naked.

Producers could then be seen trying to get Luke out of her room only for him to repeatedly slam the door in their faces, and telling them "f*** off", before eventually leaving.

When this situation was brought to the awareness of the ship captain Jason Chambers, he told Luke to go and spend the night in a hotel before terminating his contract.

A second member of the ship's crew, second stew Laura Bileskalne, was also fired from the ship after she argued that Jason's firing "wasn't fair" and that he was only "joking."

Earlier in the episode, Margot was seen at dinner enjoying some time of work, telling some of her co-workers that she was "really drunk."

Chief stew Aesha Scott then expressed concern for Margot, adding that she wanted to "chaperone her a bit."

And while Margot was drunk, Luke could be seen repeatedly flirting with her and asking her to "cuddle" to which Margot said she just wanted to go to bed by herself.

After she was taken back to her cabin by Aesha, who left to go and get her some water, and deal with the ship's power cut, Luke then entered the cabin while Margot was sleeping.

During the time when the producers were attempting to remove Luke from the room, Aesha returned and Luke promptly ran out naked.

Aesha woke her friend up telling her what had occurred, to which Margot replied: "Oh my God. Ew, he was naked/"

Aesha then asked: "Did you consent to him being in here?" and Margot answered:" No, I was asleep. I did not invite that at all."

The next morning Captian Jason fired Luke, who then told the captain that he was "sorry" and"so disappointed" in the way he had acted the night before.

Jason then told the ship's crew that Luke had been fired, leading to his friend Laura Bileskalne arguing that he should have just been given a warning and later told Margot that he was drunk and just "joking."

She was then also fired for having "little respect and empathy" towards Margot.

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