Did Sinead die last night in Coronation Street – What happened to her?

Sinead Tinker has died on Coronation Street not long after becoming a wife and mother for the first time.

Daniel (Rob Mallard) has been left crushed by the loss, and coming scenes will see him deciding to take a much-needed break from the Cobbles with his and Sinead’s young son.

As fans continue to reel from her death, here’s everything you need to know about what happened to Sinead…

What happened to Sinead on Coronation Street?

In crushing scenes last night, Sinead Tinker breathed her last surrounded by her loved ones.

She had been previously diagnosed with cervical cancer which eventually spread to her liver and lymph nodes, thus becoming terminal.

This was after she opted for holistic treatment during her pregnancy with Bertie because she was afraid the chemotherapy would hurt him.

On the subject of Sinead’s death, actor Katie has said: ‘I kind of underestimated the effects that it’s had on my mental health. I sound silly saying it but I believe Sinead is real. I played her for six-and-a-half years. Me and Corrie created this character and I feel like she’s my friend.’

She continued: ‘Watching her die was just awful, but it’s raising awareness and I just hope that we are doing that.

‘I love this storyline because it covers so many issues. I just wanted to highlight the fact people are dying of cancer.’

Speaking about filming the devastating last scenes with Katie, Rob Mallard explained: ‘We spent two weeks in the bedroom set that was built. Eventually we had such emotional attachment in that room, when you were in there you were immediately back where you left it before. It wasn’t difficult to get into, if anything it was difficult to not just cry, it all felt very real.

‘Trying to play against that was hard, it’s not hard to think of something to get you to cry.’

Coronation Street is next on Monday 28 October at 7:30pm on ITV.

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