David Beckham shares rare photo of sister Lynne as he wishes her happy birthday on Instagram – The Sun

DAVID Beckham has shared a rare photo of sister Lynne as he celebrated her birthday.

The star posted a throwback photo of his older sibling online, captioning the shot “Happy birthday sis” alongside a laughing emoji.

Lynne and David's relationship became strained when she married Colin in 1999, who her brother disapproved of.

Although David attended the wedding ceremony and was pictured with his sister outside the church, his wife Victoria refused to go.

But it seems the pair are now on good terms, with David sending Lynne his best wishes.

The former receptionist hit the headlines last year after she called police having found a local politician allegedly urinating in her garden.

Tory Mark Durham crossed her front lawn to apparently urinate behind bushes.

However, he was caught on her doorbell’s video camera, which sent an alert to her phone.

Lynne told The Sun: “It was disgusting. I shouted: ‘You weed on my property!’ He said: ‘I apologise.’

“He shouldn’t do that. There are public toilets there.

"As a councillor he must know that. He could have knocked on someone’s door to use theirs or gone to the pub.”

Meanwhile, ex-England footie captain David has registered a trademark protecting his name, with the paperwork explaining he may wish to use a monogrammed DB in hotels and restaurants.

David is no stranger to the trade.

In December last year he became an ambassador for The Londoner Hotel, which will open in Macao, on the south coast of China next year.

But now it seems he’s keener than ever to start up in the game himself, just like his former Manchester United teammates Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, who co-own two hotels in the city.

An insider told The Sun: “David is a shrewd businessman and just as he was clever in building brand Beckham with Victoria, he is making sure he protects any future projects.

"He’s got his hands full with his team in Miami but his own hotel – that could happen.

“But David won’t rush into anything, he’ll be making sure any plans to go into the industry are totally watertight before he takes the plunge.”

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