Dani Dyer admits she’s useless at spotting fakes and liars in relationships

Dani Dyer has admitted she's pretty useless when it comes to spotting fakes and liars in relationships.

But it's a skill that would have come in pretty handy for her new job hosting MTV show True Love Or True Lies.

The show sees a host of couples competing for a cash prize, although some of them aren't actually together.

Contestants live together and take part in a series of challenges in a bid to figure out who's faking love and who's feeling it for real.

As host, Dani heads into the mansion every day to oversee votes, as couples each name another they think is faking it in a bid to win the cash.

She's also teaming up with her dad, hardman actor Danny Dyer, who provides the voiceover, having done so in the first series too.

"I loved it, it's so different and so fun, it was wicked. I was terrible at figuring out who was fake. You look at everyone individually and think they're fake, you sort of go off your own experiences, and that's what makes it so good. The fact that liars won last time says it all really."

She added: "[It wasn't easy to spot the fakes], especially now I was hosting the show. I thought couples who were genuine are fake and the fake ones are lovers."

EastEnders star Danny left viewers in stitches with his quick-witted take-downs of contestants on series one, and Dani says this time is no different.

She said: "I've heard a few things from this series and he's such a wind up, especially now I'm on it.

"He does a few things and I'm like, 'How dare you?' but it works and he bigs me up as well so it's really cute."

Dani says she loves working with her dad, and thinks the bond she has with him and her mum Joanne Mas is stronger because they were so young when they had her.

The reality beauty, who is loved-up with boyfriend Sammy Kimmece, said: "It's so nice to work with my dad as well, we get on so well.

"We're doing Nativity the Musical [again this year] as well. We don't bicker, we have a really good time and heart to hearts and it just works.

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