Curtis Pritchard’s mum in tears as he goes from Love Island ‘hero to zero’

Love Island golden boy Curtis Pritchard made the nation squirm in the most tense recoupling ever – and his mum was left in tears.

Debi and Curtis' brother, Strictly Come Dancing star AJ, got together last night to watch the dramatic episode.

It was all a bit overwhelming for Debi who was moved to "happy tears" as Amy poured her heart out about how much she missed Curtis and how worried she was that he was going to pick another girl over her.

Unbeknown to Amy, Curtis had just announced to host Caroline Flack and the villa that his head had been turned by new girl Jourdan and that there were problems with his relationship with Amy.

AJ shared a video of his mum breaking down in tears as Amy returned to the villa and opened up about how much she'd missed Curtis.

"Why are you so upset?" he asked her as she wiped at her face and choked back her tears.

Debi was overcome with emotion as Amy poured her heart out, but it came after a shocking speech from Curtis in which he admitted having doubts about his relationship with the air hostess.

AJ captioned the video "Happy tears".

But how will they feel after seeing Amy confront Curtis tonight?

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A teaser clip at the end of the episode saw a furious Amy telling Curtis she was going to tell him she loves him.

Amy was left shocked after Curtis told her they needed to talk the moment they reunited and sat down together around the firepit.

Only Maura and Lucie had returned before her, and their faces said it all as Curtis made his much-discussed speech.

The girls were horrified by what he said, and fans will see the fallout from Amy discovering his doubts tonight.

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