'Cruel Summer Episode 5': Chiara Aurelia Teases Spoilers for the Next Episode

The 2021 Freeform series Cruel Summer Episode 5 is coming soon. Fans of the teen psychological thriller all want to know “Who is Annabelle?” Chiara Aurelia, who plays Jeanette Turner, gave a slight spoiler in a recent interview about what’s to come when the show returns on May 11. Hopefully, her little secret means viewers might meet Cruel Summer Annabelle next week.

‘Cruel Summer Episodes’ follow a particular format

When the Cruel Summer cast filmed the show, they had to get used to their different personas for each year. In 1993, Jeanette had crimpy hair, braces, and glasses; however, in 1994, her hair was straight, and the glasses and braces were gone. In 1995, she rocked more of a grunge look with very short hair. It’s easy to tell which year the scene is if Jeanette is in it. 

Each episode of Cruel Summer flips quickly between the three years. It can get a bit confusing at times, but the cast and crew did a phenomenal job with the minute details of each year. The other format the Cruel Summer show follows is the perspective of storytelling. The premiere episode told the story from Jeanette’s point of view; then the second episode flipped to Kate Wallis’ (Olivia Holt) perspective. 

Cruel Summer Episode 3 went back to Jeanette, and then episode 4 followed Kate’s perspective. When the show returns on May 11, viewers expect to see more insight into what Jeanette went through over the three different summers.

‘Cruel Summer Episode 5’: There’s a twist

When Chiara Aurelia joined the Nerds of Color Podcast, she teased a few Cruel Summer spoilers for the upcoming episode. The journalist asked if there was anything Aurelia could tell viewers about Annabelle.

“I can give you one little tease,” Aurelia told the outlet. “I don’t know if episode 5 is a Jeanette episode. We’ll have to see. It might be; you just have to watch.”

So, the point of view for Cruel Summer Episode 5 remains with Kate again. That means fans might find out more about who Annabelle is. The last thing that happened in Cruel Summer Episode 4 was Kate listening to her old therapy tapes. We found out there might be a crack in Kate’s story — she doesn’t remember who Annabelle is. 

‘Cruel Summer’: More insight about Jeanette

Another little teaser that Aurelia added involves her character over the years.

“I’m very excited for people to get a better sense of Jeanette ‘95,” Aurelia explained during the Nerds of Color podcast. “All of a sudden you have 95 which is so completely different than anything we’ve seen her in before.”

 In 1995, Jeanette doesn’t speak to her mother at all. She’s close with her brother and father but doesn’t seem to have any close friends. Plus, she’s suing Kate for defamation of her character. How did she get to that point? Aurelia teased that viewers will get a lot more insight into how she got there.

How many episodes is ‘Cruel Summer’?

Viewers might be shocked or even upset to find out that Cruel Summer is only seven episodes long. Only three episodes are remaining to find out who is lying. That doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to answer every burning question about Kate’s kidnapping and what happened in Mr. Harris’ (Blake Lee) basement.

Did Jeannette turner see her there and fail to tell the authorities, or is that part entirely made up? Who is Annabelle? Is she a real character or Kate’s alternate personality?

Cruel Summer Episode 5 airs May 11 on Freeform and is available for streaming the next day on Hulu.

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