Craig Rowe addresses brushing off A Place In The Sun criticism

Craig Rowe discusses issues with his property's roof

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Craig Rowe joined A Place in the Sun earlier this year and the Bristolian has been renovating properties for the past 25 years. The presenter is becoming known for his beaming smile and positive attitude, but he still suffers his fair share of difficult customers. Craig recently opened up to on how he has learned not to take criticism personally. 

Craig has been appearing on the latest series of A Place in the Sun which aired on Channel 4 throughout the summer. 

He’s had a combination of successful viewings which have led guests to buy their dream homes abroad as well as some huge flops. 

Craig exclusively told how he manages to cope with the criticism he has faced while trying to carry out his job on the programme. 

The property expert said: “I’m really learning how you can never predict what people are going to like because it’s such a personal thing.”

He said he has learned “not to take it personally” when guests disapprove of homes he has selected for them in Europe and beyond for the show. 

Craig added: “We obviously research the properties to find the best ones – it’s really interesting. 

“It just shows that finding properties is such a personal thing, and it has to feel right.”

Craig started his property journey in his early twenties and he has been buying and renovating homes ever since. 

Reflecting on some of the tricker clients he came across on the latest series of A Place in the Sun, Craig quipped: “For two shows which we filmed in Italy, both couples were quite tough.”

He revealed some of his guests thought one of the properties he’d picked out for them “looked like a shed”.

Craig added: “And I said, ‘Okay, forget the shed comment and let me get you inside because I think there are reasons I’m showing you this.’

“The funny thing was, when they met me outside I asked if it got better when they went inside and they said, in a word, ‘No.'” 

While Craig is one of the newest faces on A Place in the Sun, he is no stranger to presenting. 

He has presented shows on QVC as well as the gadget section on This Morning. 

Earlier this year, he described A Place in the Sun as his “dream job” and he’s even been able to jet off to the Caribbean for the role.

He told at the time: “I mean, the great thing about filming A Place in the Sun is we do travel around, we go inland we go around different coastal areas, we went up to some mountain areas.

“And lots of that is in the programme, so the lovely thing is if you went on to Barbados for a holiday, you’d probably go to one place and sit on the beach for a week and have a lovely time.”

He said he “loved the job so much” even when he has to work extremely long days. 

“I just enjoy it,” Craig exclaimed. “It’s just a great opportunity to see different places and snoop around properties and I love property, I love to travel, so I really enjoy it.”

A Place in the Sun episodes are available to watch on All4. 

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